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take on the state run news stations
Let us get together to protest our local media. I want to meet with others who are tired of walking around with signs and being ignored by the press. There are several stations here in Portland who feature Billy, Rush, Dr. Laura, and the savage guy. Let's take them on with protests and hell raising in front of their dens of political smut. First meeting of this non-violent but confrontational group to be decided if there is interest in the concept. I will protest in front of these radio stations---want to join me? You can e-mail me at:


Joe Walsh

July 6, 2006, 2:06 AM

Like to announce the first meeting of "Protest the Media" here in Portland.

Next Thursday July 13---at 7;00 PM---the Aalto Lounge
3356 SE Belmont St.
Portland , OR

Info go to www.democrat.meetup.com/987

Or contact me at


Peace and action

FCC 06.Jul.2006 21:40

time to comment

You could also get people to comment to the FCC about the move to consolidate even more news and information in the hands of even fewer media outlets.
There's more at savethemedia.org

Great idea. Keep us posted here at Indymedia.

assult the media 06.Jul.2006 22:09

mr met

another good tactic (non-violent of course) is to figure out where they (tv media) are going to broadcast for their tabloids at 10 on site negreo tazering special report...and then just do what you want, just dont touch the reporter, only ruin the shot like they are ruining our country. fair trade if you ask me.

I could never find people who loathe the coorporate media enough to want to do this. Matbe we can get a team together before the nukes are launched.

thats not illegal, is it?

good idea 07.Jul.2006 06:50

heep us posted