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Fouadís Murder Remembered(?)

The memory of the torture and murder of this young man by the dark forces that we are paying to serve and to protect us is rapidly fading into the dim public consciousness. Do we really forget so quickly? Saturday will mark the tenth month since Fouad Kaady's death.
This is what the leaders of the dark force count upon, the public's short memory. John Foote, District Attorney for Clackamas County, most assuredly does not wish for his complicity in this heinous miscarriage of "justice" to be remembered when he stands for re election. His "inability" to obtain an indictment in the face of such clear and brutal acts stands as a memorial to his lack of qualification for the position of top cop.

Sheriff Craig Roberts, by ignoring the violations of law and department policy as well as the Law Enforcement Code of Conduct, is equally unelectable, but will the public remember? Hell no.

The City of Sandy, in the rush to get this turd off of it's collective foot, allowed the rookie cop who pulled the trigger first, who tortured first, who went to Las Vegas on a happy trip while the matter was being "investigated," to continue his probationary service and become a tenured storm trooper, well, they get what they deserve. Neither have they asked the Chief to answer for the lack of proper action by his troops in this or in several other actions by himself and his department (The case of Juan Rubio, which was even thrown out of court with prejudice, for example).

The murder was foul, and would have been foul in and by itself, without the prior torture. Let us recap the officer's own story, since apparently the only believable people on the planet, and most certainly at the scene of this crime, are the cops: First, according to the official record, there were several reports of an unknown number of hit and run accidents. The praying Deputy Willard, sitting in Carver park choking down his power lunch hurried to the scene, although it was not his primary area. The hot shot Sandy rookie Bergin dropped his-whatever, and proceeded post haste to the same mission. While enroute, they learned that there were at least a couple of accidents, and that an apparently burned and injured man had fled into the woods. Some reports indicated that there may have been gunfire, and that the suspect (VICTIM, more appropriately) was now naked.
Arriving in the area, Willard jumps out of his car like a typical super stud, shotgun in hand, and heads into the woods, just as Bergin arrives on the scene. About this time, someone reports that the victim has emerged from the woods about a quarter mile to a half mile from where Bergin and Willard are presently located. Testosterone and adrenaline flowing freely, these two intrepid coppers leave the masses (Fire truck, several other coppers, emts) and jump into Bergin's vehicle so they can be first to collar the victim.

Now, the story begins to vary from that told by nine witnesses whose testimony has been largely disregarded. For clarity, we will stick with the copper's version. Upon arriving at the location where, according to the coppers, FOUAD KAADY sat, "Indian style" hands folded, stark assed naked, and unarmed, bleeding, with badly burned skin hanging from his entire body, they bailed from the car, prepared to do-? (according to their statements, they did not know WHAT they were going to do with him, they only knew that they could not allow him to touch them, or to bleed upon them). Willard still had his loaded shotgun in hand, and apparently thought better than to do an immediate Cheney on the hapless victim. Instead, he tossed it onto the hood of the still running and unlocked patrol car, and both officers drew their "less lethal" tasers, and advanced upon the victim. Bergin went to Fouad's rear, while both of the officers began yelling totally unreasoned and unreasonable commands at the victim, who they indicated was just sitting, in a "catatonic" state, moaning. They demanded that he prone his badly burned body onto the hot pavement, which for some reason the victim chose to ignore. They commenced threatening him, and allegedly offered him a slightly more comfortable spot on the grass nearby to prone his body. Again, Fouad ignored these ignorant orders. Bergin fired his taser into the victim's back at near point blank range, and continued to do so until his weapon was empty. Then Willard joined the firing, and emptied his taser. The victim of course went immediately onto his back with the first shot, and continued to writhe in pain until the electricity stopped. Then, acting as the only sane person in the room, he fled the source of added pain, to the top of the patrol car, where, according to the coppers(and ONLY the coppers, as nine other witnesses within hearing heard no threats), he began to threaten officer Willard (not armed, remember) Begin moved to the other side of the car, and fired several shots in succession from his more lethal Glock, and was shortly joined by Willard, who also got off a couple of rounds before Fouad fell.

The rest of the story is available here at Indy, as well as elsewhere. Suffice it to say, there was no justification, and could be none. Neither officer articulated any fear for his life, or for the safety of others, except their own unreasonable fear of Fouad's blood and body fluids. I think the cowards need to find work where they do not have to deal with bleeding people every day, don't you?

I have repeated this story only to attempt once more, to keep Fouad's memory alive. I never knew the man, so my words are only written in response to what I perceive to be incredible cruelty to anyone, to any ANIMAL, before a completely unjustifiable homicide was committed. I feel a loss to all of humanity, but cannot begin to describe what it must be like for people who knew and loved this man. I have met some of them, and they are decidedly in shock, and know that words cannot describe their pain, but I hope that one day they will be able to describe for all of us, the Fouad that they knew and loved. The person needs to be in our memory along with the acts. We need to know him, and to know his family and friends.

Meanwhile, please try not to forget him, just as we have not forgotten the many other victims of senseless police violence and murder. Also try to remember that in this case, like no other that I know of, even the coppers could not articulate one palatable reason for the killing, yet they were let off the hook by a misguided "grand" jury and an incompetent District Attorney, as well as their own supervisors.
further information links 06.Jul.2006 13:11


Ditto 06.Jul.2006 17:41


Great article .......we must never forget this travesty of justice. May Fouad's gracious parents and family find some measure of peace if this is possible.....

All this talk is worthless 06.Jul.2006 23:21


When do the lawsuits begin?

Talk has its place 07.Jul.2006 06:11


I do understand the frustration over "just plain talk", but I don't agree that it is useless. We have to keep on talking about Fouad and about the way law enforcement is being managed these days. Speaking out is the first step to take, so it is not useless to mention the Kaady case yet again. What is often useless, unfortunately, is the law suit issue.

Yes, but money still talks 07.Jul.2006 11:46


Sue their asses for millions, win a settlement, and that does make them think twice.

Who is running for sheriff 07.Jul.2006 12:18

running bull

we could use a new sheriff in that part of town. This is a good issue to run on too.

Its time to get in offices....

My condolances and best regards to you all.

Please keep us informed of the election info 07.Jul.2006 17:01

concerned citizen

Is the sheriff up for re-election soon? What about county commissioners? Foote? Is there any way, in relation to the electoral process, to make these people pay for what they have condoned? What can we do? Let us know.

RE -Election 09.Jul.2006 16:29


I do know for a Fact, Front page of Oregon City News July 5th,2006
while every one is on vaction issue...

Mayor Norris of the O.C. to seek re-election this Fall....
The dingy B^&*$H whose Police department hiding like cowards in the back hallways and media room of the Clackamas County Public Service Building while many of us were telling the County Commissioners what they could and should do with the Sherriff and his squirrel hunters !!!!

it was a 4 paragraph annoncement !!! and they picked a bad photo to run with it.
Hopefuly no one but me read that issue..

Well If I had a Budget and a room..I'd set up an "ELECT ME in 2006" for the Mayor Office of Oregon City...
and run the dingy broad off the Planet and out of town..And fire her Police Chief and at the least, 12 officers on the force,Titus the Police dog can stay, as long as it stops barking at me when I'm near him....But not his handler.

Hell,My Great Grand Father was a Mayor, with only 72 citizen's and 3 fire men and 2 cops.And now that town is as big as Oregon City...
as it is...Mayor Norris only listens to the 72 richest people in town as it is..she's run the library down to 20 hours a week and killed all the chidrens events hooked to the library,and the ballot box had to be moved to whom knows where,cause it would not be assessable for a full 40 hours a week during election time.

There is a huge political problem in our county, however,even tho I am a democrat,the problem lays with mostly democrats running/ruining in this county, and a partisan ballot is looking better all the time...
I wont give Kulongoski another chance either,nor County Commissioner Schrader or the other idiot(Kennemaer up there with her,

Also,did you see that the Clackamas county deputys had to call for major back up from 4 police jurisdiction's for the mostly all hispanic 200 person riot on June 24th,2006
at the Happy Vally grange !!! it was UGLY !!! and the Portland cops and sandy cops came too !!!
So you got everybody divisions all in oppisite county's ...and all hell breaking loose !!! didnt hear about it in the press !!! dam coroparte Media
hate to be the Judge with all those case's of arrest. A 17 year old started the whole thing...
SO....anybody living in this County want to run for Mayor of Oregon City as a write in Candidate ????

Foxworth as new Oregon City Police Chief 09.Jul.2006 16:37


P.S. I.d laterally hire Demoted Captain Foxworth away from Portland,Oregon
and give him Chief of Police Huris Job...
Teach them lousy Oregon City Cops to treat me like crap for sticking up for Kendra James and Perez's civil rights.!!!