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South Central Farmers International Solidarity Days (July 7-10)

CALL TO ACTION! Support the South Central Farmers!
Save the South Central Farm & Support Small Farms Worldwide! South Central Farm International Solidarity Days July 7-10
"You are never strong enough that you don't need help."
- Cesar Chavez
Call to Action:

Join the South Central Farm International Solidarity Days to defend the rights of small farmers so they may continue to live and farm with dignity while producing a healthier, safer community for all! We will be raising awareness for the small farming movement and its critical place in the green/environmental landscape with special attention paid to urban farms, family farms, global environmental justice, food security, and green development.

The Struggle Continues!

Although 350 family farmers were evicted from the 14 acre South Central Farm on June 13 the movement to protect this community grows each day. We are now gearing up for a July 12 court date that will set the wheels of justice in motion and challenge the legality of the sale of the farm. We are raising global awareness for our cause - and for the cause of social justice worldwide. Join the international social network committed to justice for people and the planet.

Host a Solidarity Event in Your Community!

Join in solidarity with L.A.'s South Central Farmers and their supporters from Friday July 7 to Monday July 10. We are asking you, our global allies, to host an event in your community on one of these four days. The city hubs will be Los Angeles and Oakland, CA.

Solidarity Events are a way for YOU to make a difference now!

Host an event in your community and raise awareness about the South Central Farmers and the 'Little Farm that Could.' Together we are activating the global movement for food security, urban and small family farms, and environmental justice.

What to do:

1. If you do only one act of solidarity, then call or e-mail L.A. City Council Woman Jan Perry. Ask Ms. Perry to work with the people of Los Angeles and broker a win-win deal for the farmers, the land developer and the city. Implore her to help negotiate the sale the land to the farmers. Councilperson.Perry [at] lacity.org , or jan.perry [at] lacity.org and telephone here (213)-473-7009.

2. Organize a local rally, prayer vigil or parade.

3. Print flyers from our Web site and distribute at supermarkets, farmers markets, Church or temple

4. Protest in front of your local City Hall or Supreme Court to let authorities know that feeding families with fresh, organic, affordable produce is a basic human right

5. Wear a green ribbon or green t-shirt

We encourage local creativity that is respectful and nonviolent.

Register your local event with us

Downloadable Flyer
Search for an event in your area
For more information about the July 12 court date click here
For more information about the South Central Farmers click here
For a downloadable questions & answers form click here
To download the South Central Farm brochure click here [TRIFOLD]

The Struggle Continues! La Lucha Sigue!

 link to www.southcentralfarmers.com


SC community farm is alternative to petroleum dependant monoculture

This timely article from GRAIN relates to what people are losing if the bulldozers continue to demolish southcentral community farm in LA. Prior to the destruction from Caterpillar bulldozers, SC farm was a model of crop diversity and symbiosis between different heights and sizes of crop species next to one another, like the three sisters; maize, beans and squash that all help one another grow..

Destruction of this green life giving oasis community garden and replacement by a lifeless concrete fixed warehouse is sheer stupidity during this time in human history. We are getting ready for shortages in petroleum (source of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides needed by monoculture plantations) and the SC community farm is a real life example of what can replace plantation monocultures without forcing people to experience severe famines from food shortages (no, biotech GMOs won't save people either)..

Destruction of the southcentral community farm is a form of genocide that deprives people of the chance to grow their own food in a healthy, fun and ecologically responsible manner..

Here's what GRAIN reports about monoculture;

"It is flawed to think that a monoculture of one crop can be sustainable. By its very nature, this agricultural model is dependent on large amounts of fertiliser and pesticide, it requires large tracts of land, heavy mechanisation, external investments which must be repaid and moreover the complete alienation of local peasant and indigenous communities.

Local organisations are speaking out against these attempts to use "sustainability" as a smokescreen for agribusiness' continued exploitation, plunder and destruction of their lands. They have made it clear that unless the starting point of a project is the full and active participation of local communities, in a manner that respects their own forms of organisation, it is absurd to imagine a "sustainable" outcome."

entire article @;