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07/06 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for Thursday, July 6th, 2006.
1. The Senate Appropriations committee approved a spending bill for the removal of the Savage Rapids Dam from the Rogue River.
2. Ron Wyden and Gordon Smith have got up a bipartisan proposal aimed at helping the "Uninsured" (Similar to The Undead but often sicker... ) get health coverage. (Wyden and Smith should do us all a favor and put together a single-payer healthcare system. No one will ever be well served by the medical industry until the insurance companies are gone.)
3. Ehren - "I'm Not A Conscientious Objector" Watada has been hit with three charges. Next he faces a preliminary military hearing to determine whether he will be court-martialed.
4. Oregon has lost the School Food fight. Some districts restrict the junk food access. Others don't. (Alas, in many schools that have limited the junk food, enterprising students buy huge sacks of snacks from Costco, bring it to school and sell it at a profit.)
5. Republicans are set to open a series of public hearings around the country on the controversial issue of immigration. It's essentially a beauty contest between two forms of bigotry.
6. Spruced Up: Sad but true; our very own Sitka Spruce is no longer the biggest Sitka spruce. Washington's is. At least it's a fatter spruce. Ours is still the tallest.
7. An Oregon Court of Appeals ruling could mean millions of dollars in increased liability for doctors and nurses at OHSU. So next time you go there, mind the speeding ambulance chasers.
8. Happy birthday Mr. President. Isn't time you grew up? From 'boomer' to bomber is 60 years. Time just flies when you're drunk.
9. What Would Hitler Do: On his visit to Austria Bush had all his food flown in from the US and tested, had his poo flown back to the US and indulged in other Tyrant-type craziness.
10. Ken Lay has gone to A Better Place - Dubai or possibly Bahrain...
11. The six Florida men who have been charged with plotting to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago and assorted other jewels of American architecture have been denied bail - Gawd forbid they should talk to the press... .
12. It's official!
13. Bush told Cheney to discredit Joe Wilson.
14. Lawmakers have issued a subpoena seeking Pentagon information on a soldier who was retaliated against for reporting abuses at Abu Ghraieb. (While rapist, murderer and personality-disordered Steven Green is a free man and Ehren Watada faces a possible court-martial.)
15. At the urban garden in LA gardeners were arrested for attempting to stop the destruction of the farm they made with their bare hands. The Gardeners have been charged with felony vandalism and other crimes. Wait... "felony vandalism"? They guy had chained himself to the bulldozer that was razing his garden. How's that work? (I won't even mention Israeli use of earthmoving equipment... ..)
16. In Mexico, Let The Recount Begin! Free trade privateer candidate Felipe Calderone's brother owns the company that makes the software Mexico's voter rolls are fixed - I mean stored - on. US 'Advisors' were on hand to manage Calderone's vicious attack ads, just to be certain that everything went according to plan. I didn't hear much about independent observers... wonder where they were... .
17. The US can't figure out what to do about 'Crazy' Kim Jong Il. (It would be a shame to waste a perfectly good bomb on a country with virtually no oil or natural gas... .)
18. Doesn't look like Steven Green is going to be charged. Iraq would love to take a swing at it but Green is stateside and won't be coming to Baghdad any time soon.
19. The UN is going to "review" US human rights abuses. (This will be like shooting fish in a barrel or civilians in Baghdad... )
20. Iraq says that foreigners currently destroying their country ought not to enjoy immunity from prosecution. (Don't these people understand that Americans are exempted from the rules of normal human decency???)
21. Venezuela has signed on with Mercosur, the South American trade group
22. India and China have reopened the historic trade route across Nathu La Pass.
23. The US has killed 35 "Taliban" in Afghanistan.
24. Tourists on a whale-watching cruise were horrified when a Norwegian whaling vessel roared into their viewfinders and slaughtered a whale before their very eyes.

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