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OPERATION CONDOR, 9/11-1973/2001

Operation Condor, the CIA-instigated overthrow of Allende in 1973, was overseen by some of the same political forces currently in control of the White House, including Cheney and Rumsefeld. Special renditions, abductions and torture, familiar themes in the headlines these days, were essential components of Condor and its domestic incarnation, Bush's "war on terror," a camouflage for suppressing dissent and the imposition of open fascist rule.
"The 9/11 attack was the parallel to the Pinochet coup
... Operation Condor ... Pinochet also imposed
extraordinary police powers ... After 9/11, thousands
of Arabs and Muslims were also rounded up by the US
military and kept in prison in secret ... They were
also tortured ... 9/11 was the equivalent of a coup
for Bush. Its version of Operation Condor is being
assembled in the Pentagon by Undersecretary of Defense
Stephen Cambone and his military deputy, Lt. Gen.
William G. Boykin ..." - Maria Montelibre

"'Counterterrorism' plus George Schultz's doctrine of
'preemptive counterinsurgency' equals revolutionary
fascist insurgency..." - Lyle Courtsal

"In this world, in this strange world of covert
overthrow of governments and clandestine armies and
secret operations, the problem we're facing is that
you are working with two realities: you're working
with ... exchange of power, economic power, power over
people, controlling their lives. In order to do that
you disguise certain persons and send them into roles
to influence. They become actors on a stage and they
influence our minds in a way that is not real, but
effect a reality that will touch us later." - Mae
Brussell, Dialogue Assassination, Broadcast no. 16,
October 13, 1971
To Mussolini, "fascismo," a word he coined, had dual
meanings. It is rooted in the Latin "fasces," a rather
strange-looking axe with poles strapped to it, but the
term also meant "Group."

Christopher Deliso at Antiwar.com found the 9/11 group
when he poked into the Plame investigation, "a relay
team of hawkish officials providentially placed
throughout various government agencies." The
serpentine network wound through the CIA, Pentagon,
Office of Special Plans, State Department, DIA, NSA
and other federal agencies. Deliso described
operatives darkening the wings of the Libby
investigation, but the same could be said of the 9/11
inquiry: the same "relay team" performed "a handoff of
information from the point of origin (the CIA) to the
ultimate 'commissioners' of the inquiry." Given the
"intra- and inter-factional nature of all of these
agencies, it is understandable why the highest
officials in the land jostled to get their 'people'
strategically inserted throughout the departments,
where they could garner inside information and hinder
the objectives of their ostensibly direct employers
whenever they conflicted with the goals of their real

These would be the Royals - the Morgans, Harrimans,
Rockefellers, and so on. The Royals set loose their hounds
for the installation of a dictatorship in Chilé in 1973:
Kissinger, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, the CIA and a
military junta ...
CIA acknowledges involvement in Allende's overthrow,
Pinochet's rise
September 19, 2000?
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The CIA is acknowledging for the
first time the extent of its deep involvement in
Chile, where it dealt with coup-plotters, false
propagandists and assassins ...
Twenty-five years before the CIA posted a public
confession, Howard Zinn went ahead anyways and
reported that Operation Condor, "the CIA action to
overthrow Allende, was approved by the 40 Committee,
whose chairman [was] Henry Kissinger. And it was
Kissinger who recommended that Rockefeller head the
commission to investigate the CIA.

Rockefeller summed up the commission report: 'There
are things that have been done which are in
contradiction to the statutes, but in comparison to
the total effort, they are not major.' The same report
can be made on the Corleone family ..."2

How "in contradiction to the statutes" was Condor? So
in contradiction that the river running through
Santiago was dammed by headless bodies. How many
statutes did that contradict?

Regime change has long been a staple of US foreign
policy. Exactly 28 years later, it happened again. But
the strategy had evolved with the times. The idea was
not to merely impose military rule on a defenseless
population, but to rechannel resources of government -
its finances, military force, technology, personnel
and secrets - their way.

The early "jostling" to insert the 9/11 relay team
behind Bush resulted in the appointment of Donald H.
Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense. Rumsfeld was among
the the central genocidists engaged in Operation
Condor I.

"Latin America: Murder, Inc.," a classified report
prepared by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Subcommittee on International Operations, revealed the
origins of Condor. The title reiterated a confession
by Lyndon Johnson a few months before his death: "We
were running a Murder, Inc. in the Caribbean." The
Senate report explained that the U.S. had "joint
operations between Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile,
Paraguay and Uruguay. The joint operations were known
as Operation Condor. These are special teams used to
carry out [the] killing of enemies." Jack Anderson
offered a glimpse of "Operation Condor, An Unholy
Alliance" on August 3, 1979: "Assassination teams are
centered in Chile. This international consortium is
located in Colonia Dignidad, Chile. Founded by the SS,
led by Franz Pfeiffer Richter, Adolf Hitler's
1000-year Reich may not have perished. Children are
cut up in front of their parents, suspects are
asphyxiated in piles of excrement or rotated to death
over barbecue pits." Colonel Otto Skorzeny, a postwar
CIA recruit, code-named the Battle of the Bulge
Operation Greif - "Condor."3

Another CIA recruit oversaw the Chilean incarnation of

Global Research reports: "Henry Kissinger belongs in
the dock alongside the Chilean dictator.... He remains
a prominent figure in the affairs of the US ruling
establishment and is protected by the government. In
2002, the Bush administration attempted unsuccessfully
to name this war criminal as the head of the
'independent' panel investigating the September 11,
2001, terrorist attacks on New York and Washington.

"George Bush senior should be the subject of an
indictment for the role the CIA played under his
direction in fostering and covering up for the
assassination squads that roamed Latin America and,
ultimately, the streets of Washington.

"The most prominent figures in the Bush administration
- Vice President Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary
Donald Rumsfeld - are likewise implicated. Cheney was
the White House chief of staff during the Condor
Operation, while Rumsfeld was defense secretary,
supervising US ties to the Latin American military."4

Rumsfeld crony George Schultz established business
ties with the Pinochet regime, and learned a thing or
two about fascist economics for grafting to domestic
policies. Independent Latin journalist Maria
Montelibre writes, "General Pinochet's Labor Minister
and Mining Minister in those days, José Piñera, is a
Harvard educated boy, friend of George Schultz, among
others. Piñera is now head of the Cato Institute
Privatization Project in the U.S., which supports and
instigates Bush's privatization schemes. Piñera
planned the Social Security privatization plan in
Chile with Dictator Pinochet."5

The Condor is Rumsfeld's again, and it was spotted by
a reporter for Ireland's Village magazine in 2004:
"Extraordinary Rendition bears more than a passing
resemblance to operation Condor, the 'multinational of
terror' organised by six US-backed Latin American
dictatorships in the 1970s." The Latin American terror
program crossed national borders. "Regimes swapped
suspects and facilitated death squads and kidnap
teams. Suspects were disappeared without a trace, held
without due process and monitored by physicians during
torture sessions." The post-9/11, Condor-like
rendition program was "first mooted inside the offices
of US intelligence," at the behest of Donald

Others noticed haunting similarities between Condor
and Rumsfeld's "war on terror." An editorial appeared
in The Nation in January 2005: "Did anyone in the Bush
White House cast an uneasy eye over the new indictment
of Gen. Augusto Pinochet? It may seem over the top to
mention that old buzzard in the same breath as an
elected US President. But consider Task Force 6-26. It
sounds like a relic of Pinochet's Operation Condor....
Task Force 6-26 is a secret unit composed mostly of US
Navy SEALs operating in Baghdad - its existence
unacknowledged by the Pentagon. According to the
Washington Post, a fact-finding mission for Army
generals warned a year ago that Task Force 6-26 was
running an off-the-books prison for detainees."7

But Rumsfeld coordinated with others in Washington
operating on behalf of the "minders," as William Blum
notes: "1973, September 11, CHILE: President Allende
overthrown by General Pinochet in a bloody coup in
which 3000 Chileans are massacred. The Rockefellers'
ITT corp., now run by John McCloy, donates $1 million
to the coup effort, which is orchestrated by Henry

The planning was conceived in pitiless detail by
social engineers. In the 1960s, Abt Associates - a
consulting firm founded by Clark C. Abt, a German who
migrated to the U.S. in 1937, earned a degree at MIT
and joined Raytheon after the war - assisted the
Pentagon and CIA with Project Camelot, a computer
model for destabilizing foreign governments. Socialist
scholar Guerry Hoddersen writes that Abt Associates
"developed a simulation game called Politica that drew
information from a computer linking the files of the
CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency and the State
Department. Politica was used in training Third World
police" and predicting "which social forces could be
mobilized against leftist governments."9

As early as 1965, the American Anthropological
Association's executive board began to receive
complaints concerning social engineering projects in
the Third World. The DoD and CIA recruited
anthropologists to assist in counterinsurgency
operations, and from this program rose Project Camelot
with its cynical code-name. The Army, according to the
AAA, "had a contract with American University to study
sociopolitical factors that could lead to internal
warfare in that country."10

A survey of Condor undertaken by an independent
Virtual Truth Commission ("Telling the Truth for a
Better America") exposed the "minders" of the coup:

DIRECTOR. In 1976, Nelson Rockefeller was Vice
President (to Ford), and his advisor Henry Kissinger
was Secretary of State. In this year Kissinger's
puppet dictator Pinochet, of Chile, organised
Operation CONDOR, to co-ordinate death squad
assassinations by the secret police of the dictators
of Chile, Brasil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay .
30,000 leftists were assassinated/ executed/
"disappeared."... Many of the top ranking Nazi war
criminals in South America are believed to have lived
in Colonia Dignidad. In 1993, a cache of documents
called the 'ARCHIVES OF TERROR' was found in Paraguay
detailing Nazi war criminal involvement in Operation
Condor, and listing victims, including Israeli agents
who were trying to find Nazis to bring to trial. It is
highly probable that George Bush and Henry Kissinger
knew about, and directed, Operation CONDOR. General
Pinochet was never ashamed of his pro-Nazi fetish,
preferring Nazi uniforms and marching music. In 1985
an American professor, Boris Weisfeiler, was
disappeared at Colonia Dignidad. Today Dignidad is a
prospering commune valued at $5 billion, but closed to
the public and protected by the Chilean military.
Today David Rockefeller is the scion of his families'
empire, running Chase-Manhattan Bank, the Trilateral
Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR),
and Rockefeller Center, NYC. Kissinger was Bush jr's
choice to head the September 11th investigation. Paul
Bremer III, former Director of Kissinger Associates,
was Bush's appointed ruler of Iraq."11


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