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Howard Zinn & 'The NN-phant in the Room'

The huge omnivorous herd consumes everywhere on our earth as much as it can grab, and tramples millions of human beings to death. That doesn't seem to matter. The 'elephant boys' don't speak about the bloody pulp underneath the feet of the big animals: instead they give'm a bath in the mainstream.
"Whether sad, angry, distressed, eager, or playful, elephants are this in a big way," - Joyce Poole, quoted in The Fate Of The Elephant.

by Henk Ruyssenaars


FPF - July 5th 2006 - It's not difficult to agree with a lot of what American writers like Howard Zinn are publishing, but he too belongs to this influential group of 'critical' text producers, which is very good at describing the symptoms, but concerning the origins of the disease has emasculated themselves. If deemed necessary for the global brainwash, Spielberg or some other Hollywood pimp makes a movie of the pack of lies. They put some truth in it, and 'sell' the manure via the own cable TV outlets and other major media they own.

They write and speak very eloquently about the up to 100 kilos of manure every 'Elephant in the Room' daily is producing and the uncivilized smell of it, but dare not say much more. And none of those so called 'critical' writers/speakers ever mentions the elephant's presence in the room or calls it by name. Nor do they indicate the sometimes double nationality of the omnipotent animals and their control system; how the wolves globally are shepherding and slaughtering the sheep.

Human meat seems to be part of their 'free market'. But, 'free' for whom? And 'free' to do anything to human beings? Who profits? Concerning the herd's malignant activities, the propaganda distributors practice 'the silence of the lambs' and the misinformed sheeple suffer and die. - [ http://tinyurl.com/jxfng]

But the writers do not give us the reason 'why' all those people became victims.

Avoiding the real issues, and as a substitute, things like 'the lack of a good national health service', public transport problems, bad education or similar is debated. To keep the debate flowing and covering up, 'left' and 'right' was invented to keep the people divided. While the world's 6.5 billion population actually only is divided in 'givers' and 'takers'. The Elephant Group is representing the inhuman 'takers': taking what it wants. And those people that do not voluntarily surrender to the herd; do not start paying taxes to them or for free give their and their country's possessions away: those people are 'liberated' with armed force or treated with 'democracy' PNAC style: they are trampled upon and many die. To ensure it's dominance, the herd uses secret killers and undertakers.

Nationally in the States but also internationally in all countries where the elephant is in power, the writers, and other propagandists and defenders of the elephant junta's system, behave the same way concerning the inside job of 9/11: the name of the elephant again is never mentioned. To name an elephant boy like WTC insurance collector Larry Silberstein is 'not done'.

Get a heart attack like Enron's Kenneth Lay...

But the 'literati' on the other hand also know that the very second they really stand up and tell the truth about the murderers and who they are, when they give the elephant a name, then they are out, down and gone in 5 seconds flat. Get a heart attack which is very much in vogue right now, like Enron's biggest thief Ken Lay today, who officially coming November would be convicted of fraud and conspiracy, and for hiding the financial ruin at Enron. The man who helped George Bush II into the Oval Room, and George Bush called 'Kenny boy'. His heart attack is very well timed, before he officially is convicted, and thus saves the stolen 'family fortune' which is left after the mega robbery of Enron, including the worker's pension funds for billions. Now he's is silent. Many others are 'suicided'.


However, killing by the herd, or whatever might be damaging to the profitability, is not discussed. Imagine that for instance the group that went on this horrible killing spree in the Columbine High School had been Arabs or Negroes: we would have seen and heard it in extenso in all fairy tale forms for as long as we live. But because the perpetrators were members of a gang of jewish extremists, not a sound was heard officially. And Michael Moore (No Elephant in his movie Room!) made a nice 'PNAC picture' about needed gun control. Moore never mentioned the origin of the mad violence or the racial motives, his agenda was advocating gun control. Easy to understand: if you take away the guns from the people in the room, the elephant runs a very small risk of being shot. - (Fragging seems to be still possible) - [ http://judicial-inc.biz/columbine_killers.htm]

On the other hand, already years ago the 'elephant deniers' could have read an article by journalist Jim Lobe on the site of the formerly critical broadcasting corporation al Jazeera. No wonder the elephant keepers soon bought that company too, and staffed it with propagandists from the propaganda sewer BBC, whereby BBC is short for 'Broadcasting Blair's Crap'. Jim Lobe however was showing a big chunk of the elephant and its keepers. An omnipotent part which always is carefully kept hidden under the PNAC pack's 'messmedias' veil of collaborating censorship. But, if you question it's existence, start asking about the stories the elephant boys and their masters want you to believe, or when you are totally fed up with the inhuman and malignant effects of those animals on human beings and want to say so, you are silenced in this world. One way or the other.

Like maybe being jailed for 'hate speech'. The elephant herd is not only hyper sensitive concerning it's lies, but has absolutely never had any moral qualms and keeps using the powerful US war machine. The facts are not supposed to be known, and that's why the 'hate speech' clauses were made. The elephant boys enforce it. Where ever in the world, and even on the for the main part by the elephant herd owned Internet.


Lobe started describing the elephants, and the enormous amount of manure it is producing, by asking: "Is United States foreign policy being run by followers of an obscure German Jewish political philosopher whose views were elitist, amoral and hostile to democratic government? Suddenly, political Washington is abuzz about Leo Strauss, who arrived in the US in 1938 and taught at several major universities before his death in 1973.


But, unlike Plato, who believed that leaders had to be people with such high moral standards that they could resist the temptations of power, Strauss thought that "Those who are fit to rule are those who realize there is no morality and that there is only one natural right, the right of the superior to rule over the inferior". - Url.:  http://tinyurl.com/nn2l

To most observers which try to stay honest and independent, who are not bribed, bought or bullied by the elephants, the case is quite clear. But apparently not to writers/reporters like Noam Chomsky, Christopher Hitchens, Doug Thompson, Greg Palast, Howard Zinn and many thousands of others in the elephants deadly power sphere. They write for instance very well about wars, AIDS, tsunamis or child malnutrition, but behave like elephant boys. They all know about the mortal trampling going on all the time, but prefer to ignore it. Blabbering instead about things like 'the abominable National Health Service, you know'?

They for 99% avoid to research for them sensitive items like 9/11, because they probably know the risk and do not want to be trampled to death. At the same time, while supporting this structure of lies which supports them too, they are losing what's left of their humanity and credibility. Because an elephant, by any other name, is still an elephant, whatever they write about the effects: it is the origin of the disastrous deeds that counts. The do not want to or dare to 'follow the blood money', nor ask openly 'Whodunit'?

Many times those 'literati' seem to belong to this opportunistic and/or scared group which - standing in pouring rain - assures everybody 'that it's dry and quite sunny still'. Daily giving the impression that they are standing op to their necks in the manure, and keep informing us that it doesn't smell.

But the whole world is seeing the genocidal trampling. The people are seeing the bloody pulp underneath the animal's huge feet, and they have drawn their own conclusions. The herd - which Seymour Hersh calls 'a cult' - has for a very long time proven to be a global plague, pestering mankind, and must be stopped. By all means.

And people see those compliant 'beacons of literature' for what they are:



LIKE THIS STORY: WHERE'S THE ELEPHANT? - PATRIOTISM & THE FOURTH OF JULY - by Howard Zinn - Url.:  http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article13850.htm


SEYMOUR HERSH - 'WE'VE BEEN TAKEN OVER BY A CULT' - The Military is Nowhere; the Press is Nowhere; the Congress is Nowhere... Editors' Note: This is a transcript of remarks by Seymour Hersh at the Stephen Wise Free Synagogue in New York - Url.:  http://www.counterpunch.com/hersh01272005.html

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* ROME TRIBUNAL ON WAR CRIMES AND MEDIA: Held Guilty of Deception - The tribunal said mainstream media reportage on Iraq also violated article six of the Nuremberg Tribunal (set up to try Nazi crimes) which states: "Leaders, organisers, instigators and accomplices participating in the formulation or execution of a common plan or conspiracy to commit any of the foregoing crimes (crimes against peace, war crimes and crimes against humanity) are responsible for all acts performed by any persons in execution of such a plan." - Url.:  http://tinyurl.com/68jws

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* The 9/11 drama was the 'trigger' used by the PNAC Group, KILLING AMERICANS and others to further their inhuman goals: Anybody who after seeing this video - '9/11 revisited' - still believes the version from the 'PNAC pack' - the Washington cabal - is beyond all professional help - Url.:  http://tinyurl.com/jn5jx

* THE US PNAC WARS & NATO'S SECRET ARMIES LINKED TO TERRORISM? - (NATO, the Pentagon, NSA, MI6, the CIA, Mossad, BND, and all other European and global 'intelligence services' are linked to inhuman terror, coups d'état, 'rendition', the PNAC Gulags and torture - HR) - by Daniele Ganser - Url.:  http://globalresearch.ca/articles/GAN412A.html

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* FPF-COPYRIGHT NOTICE - In accordance with Title 17 U. S. C. Section 107 - any copyrighted work in this message is distributed by the Foreign Press Foundation under fair use, without profit or payment, to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the information. Url.:  http://liimirror.warwick.ac.uk/uscode/17/107.html

Editor: Henk Ruyssenaars
The Netherlands

What? 06.Jul.2006 07:50


Maybe these people avoid researching the topics you deem sensitive because the answers are obvious. Except for those who must find conspiracy everywhere.

Conspiracy? 06.Jul.2006 23:20

Henk R. fpf@chello.nl


There are no blinder people than those who do not want to see.

Conspiracies only are 'conspiracies' as long as the facts have not been published and made known yet.

How any human being can accept or even defend the present PNAC 'slaughterhaus' is beyond comprehension.