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Schumacher Furs protest report (still going strong), July 1

"The assumption that animals are without rights and the illusion that our treatment of them has no moral significance is a positively outrageous example of Western crudity and barbarity. Universal compassion is the only guarantee of morality." ~Schopenhauer
Nine months into our weekly protests at Schumacher Furs, and the demonstrations are still going strong, drawing at least a couple dozen protesters throughout the day. Protesters hold signs, pass out literature, talk to passersby, dance, hula hoop, and spread our message of compassion for animals to whoever has an open heart. Meanwhile the Schumachers can always been seen sullen and scowling from within the store.

According to an Oregonian article last Friday, Schumacher has been warned by their landlord that unapproved signs (i.e. those aimed at protesters) must be removed within 20 days or they face possible eviction.  link to www.oregonlive.com
Schumacher currently seems to be trying to figure out how to stay within the letter of the law, as they are now hanging their "50% off during protest sale" sign from coat racks within the store, clearly visible from outside. This conflict between Schumacher and the landlord over signage and acceptable behavior seems to be a replay of what occurred months ago. But Schumacher remains as defiant and self-entitled with their landlord as they are with their industry's unethical practices towards animals, and as they are with the city (as evidenced by Schumacher's refusal of mediation, and Gregg Schumacher's quote in a recent monthly publication that Mayor Potter can "go fuck himself").

Desperate to sell fur in the summer, Schumacher now features fur vests and macramé-type shawls in the windows. A black fur shawl reminded us of something one's grandma might crochet, and one has to keep only in order to pull it out of the closet once a year to wear it to some family event. Proving once again that fur cruelty is not only unethical, but unfashionable.

As the world is changing and people become more cognizant of the cruelty behind the fur industry, compassionate people are donating their old fur items to charities. Orphaned baby raccoons, squirrels, and foxes, among others, are wrapped in donated fur items in wildlife rehab centers.  link to www.boston.com Ironically, the very animals that are orphaned may be so because their mothers have been trapped by the fur industry. Their mothers may have spent up to a week in steel-jaw leghold traps, still in accordance with the law (which is difficult to enforce, regardless). Some animals chew their limbs off in an attempt to escape, some are attacked by predators, some dehydrate and starve, and some await death by the trapper's boot on the chest or a blow to the head.

To catch tree-dwelling animals such as squirrels, traps may be set in trees, where the animal must hang by her limb until the trapper comes to kill her. This indiscriminate trapping may also kill birds. None of the hundreds of animals it takes to make just one squirrel fur coat died a peaceful death. Who feels so entitled to create this much misery for a fashion item? For videos and info on the fur industry, see  http://www.furisdead.com and  http://www.furkills.org

If you're as outraged by the cruelty of the fur industry as we are, come join us each Saturday from 12:30 to 5:00 in front of Schumacher Furs (811 SW Morrison). Stay however long you want, and feel free to protest on other days of the week as well.
Schumacher Trivia 06.Jul.2006 10:17


According to recent media reports, Gregg and Linda got married in November- the same month the fur protests started. Newlyweds- ahhhh. Also she had been his PET SITTER! She worked as a pet sitter then marries a guy who sells fur coats - some of which are made from Chinese and American dog and cat fur. Or is she merely a gold digger?

'thank you 06.Jul.2006 11:40


Thanks for the cold strawberry lemonade and tofutti cuties on Saturday. It was a warm day and the snacks were great-

Shall we dance? 06.Jul.2006 11:50

just wondering

Could we all dance to the YMCA song again this coming Saturday?

Out WithThe Old And In With The New 06.Jul.2006 11:51


I vote for "gold digger" when Gregg finally looses his blood business, and that time is right around the corner, we know it and he knows it, Linda will be out the door in a flash, seeking out her next conquest/victim. Women like her are only in it for the short term and when the money is gone so are they.
They also married in the same month that his father, Carl, passed on. November was a busy month.

pic of sign 06.Jul.2006 23:29



Fur and animal abuse 07.Jul.2006 10:15


I have been active in puppymill rescue and protest for some time. In years of experience i have noticed that people who make their livings by being cruel to animals first insulate themselves by staying surrounded by others of their own ilk then convince themselves that since others do exactly as they do it is not wrong.

When I go to dog auctions and see the children for the breeders helping carry the sick, filthy and terrified dogs to the auction table I can't help think what seeing this everyday does to their hearts and souls. I could not imagine exposing my own children to a few hours at the auction much less having them live in a house with barns full of dogs in small cages being breed to death.

No one needs to wear fur except the animal that was born attachd to it. Good Luck.

animal abusers 07.Jul.2006 13:09

Its so sad

People who abuse animals must tell themselves that the animals don't feel pain the way we do. Even thought its obvious to anyone with a higher than room temperature IQ that they do feel and suffer. Perhaps they tell themselves their lives don't matter - the same excuse used worldwide to justify all sorts of atrocities against human and animal victims. Lets do what we can do stand up for these victims. And hope there is a divine consciousness somewhere who will ultimately settle the score.

You guys rock 07.Jul.2006 17:40


Thats so cool you're still at it. Wish I could come up there and join you. I live in San Diego and have been following the reports-