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Revolution No. 9

There is 3 things you need to do. Transport yourself, feed yourself, and
find a place to live.
Green House Gas
Green House Gas
To transport yourself get a bike.
To feed and water yourself consider the following:

I been fooling around in the back yard and I am pretty glad to have one too.

As a water conservation measure I put my down spout to a water 55 gallon barrel that I got for a couple of bucks made of HDPE out of the newspaper. I was always concerned however as to the quality of this water from my roof for the garden. Consequently I subjected a liter of my water to semi volatile organic analysis to determine the content of priority pollutants as well as pesticides and PCB's. Analysis was fruitful with null results.

I was most concerned with the occurrence of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH's). This concern was based on the use of my asphalt roofing shingles. I can be quite sure these compounds are less than 0.05ppb. This makes some sense in retrospect because the rain does not stay on the roof very long. Pipes used to be lined with asphalt in the pass in the old days. I don't know what they use now for pipes but that's another story. The upshot here no priority pollutants were found.

The next problem I found with my water barrel was when I transferred a volume of water to my home made hot tub was algae. Water turns green. This in retrospect needs to be avoided, but how? Filtration is the answer.

Check out slow sand filtration. What I did here was to find a 5 foot length of 4" plastic pipe. I stood this pipe on end in a 1 gallon plant container. This in turn is place together in a 5 gallon bucket. The pipe was supported with small in 1" to 2" cobles. Next a 5" layer of pebbles were places inside the pipe. This was in turn followed by 8" of sand.

Its best to use clean materials so silt does not have to be rinsed out of the filtering system. This thing works pretty well. One down fall here is the amount of material that can be filtered out of the water prior to filter clogging. Over all size determines in filtering capacity. Note also if you filter sooner rather than latter, you don't have an algae build up to clog you up.

May the schmutzdecke be with you.
victory gardens - 06.Jul.2006 15:52


half the population fed themsevles during WWII by planting victory gardens. tons of how-to info if you look. easy container gardening for all. fresh, organic, at your back door.