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Mexico: Mobilise the masses and call a general strike to stop the electoral fraud

Despite the fact that the majority of the exit polls gave the victory to Lopez Obrador the IFE (Federal Electoral Institute) and Fox are refusing to recognise the results of the elections and are manoeuvring by delaying their official publication, declaring that they could not define a clear outcome given the supposed narrowness of the results.
According to the website "Casa del Plan de los 3 Puntos", Harvard University gave the victory to Obrador by 7 points. A closed poll by the newspaper Milenio gave Obrador 37% and Calderon 36%.

It is important to emphasise these aspects of the election results because they reveal the strength of the class which could be counted on in a struggle against the fraud. It is also important to understand that the strength of the working class is not only numerical, but also qualitative, and this qualitative strength, which could paralyse the country, is on the side of Lopez Obrador. The power to defeat the fraud lies in the hands of Lopez Obrador and the leaders of the trade unions. We must mobilise around the struggle against the fraud, organise meetings, establish committees in defence of the elections and pressurise the leadership of the PRD and the unions to call for militant action, such as a general strike. We cannot and we must not allow Fox and the ruling class to get their way once again! No to a new 1988!

The PRI, despite supposedly questioning the electoral process, is also taking part in this game of fraud. Mobilisation against the fraud is the key, over and above the legal challenges before the Federal Electoral Tribunal.

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