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9.11 investigation | community building

Free DVDs of new Alex Jones Documentary!! Laughing Horse 7/5 7-9pm

Tonight at Laughing Horse Books (NE 10th just off of Burnside) Terror Storm, The new Alex Jones DVD, documents the use of false flag terrorism by nations (past and present) on their own people to manufacture support for illegal wars and unbelievable atrocities
pdx911truth will be sponsoring the event, as well as providing free copies to the first lucky 15 or so.

We dont ask for any donations, just for you to be there and contribute by asking questions, research what you hear, and as always challenge all theories!! Otherwise whats the point.

We would however encourage anyone who shows up to look around Laughing Horse, buy a book, show your support. It is a wonderful location, and they provide a great forum for all who need it.

As always, all haters, COINTELPRO agents, sceptics, board trolls and spooks are encouraged to attend.

see you there

homepage: homepage: http://pdx911truth.blogspot.com/

Ms V in Portland 25.Mar.2007 17:36


pic attached self explanatory
Ms V speaks at laughing horse books 7pm Wed April 11th
Ms V speaks at laughing horse books 7pm Wed April 11th