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Jim Dawson's Grand Jury Postponed!

Jim Dawson's Grand Jury in Seattle on July 6, at 9am, has been postponed.
Jim Dawson's subpoena to the Grand Jury on July 6, 2006, at 9am has been postponed until further notice.

Jim is a current Olympia resident. He has been active in the Olympia community for several years. He has a family and friends that have been supportive of Jim through this process. The Grand Jury investigation is in relationship to the current "Green Scare". He is grateful for all the support he has received.

And pleading the 5th isn't an option? 01.Aug.2006 21:54

Simple Minded

I'm sorry--there maybe something here I don't understand--but why doesn't this person plead the 5th and do the 6th months like Jeff Hogg? It never pays to talk to grand juries--I assume someone must have told him this. Yes? That would save him the hassle of having to be "supported" while he's saying we-know-not-what to the grand jury. I have known many people who have done their six months and have come out fine--in fact, I do believe they even retained their dignity.
Again, forgive me if there is some HUGE piece of information that I am missing that makes it impossible for this gentleman to take the 5th.

,,, 06.Aug.2006 14:33


I don't think you are missing anything.
It should be that simple, don't talk, do the time.....
But if I were going to plead the 5th and shut up, I would like to see lots of familiar faces as I head in.

On a side not, I think he ended up going in and talking to the feds........ Hey Jim, have fun sitting on the stand testifying against your friends.