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Adam Weissman on Freeganism

Interview with Adam Weissman of Freegan.info.
This episode is not work safe.

Interview with Adam Weissman of Freegan.info.

We discuss what freeganism is and how it began; how he found out about freeganism; urban foraging; really, really free markets; squatting in abandoned buildings; guerilla gardening; Food Not Bombs; dumpster diving; Dr. Ruth Kava of the American Council of Science and Health; Dr. Michael Greger; Oprah Winfrey's food disparagement trial in Texas; why some freegans do not believe that veganism is free of exploitation; why freegans values are more loosely defined than vegans; the practice of plate scraping; shoplifting and employee scams amongst some freegans; Coca-Cola involvement in destroying the water supply in India and murdering union organizers in Columbia; Procter & Gamble's animal testing; Nike and The Gap's sweatshop labor.

Featured song is "Move Somethin'" by Scot-Free.


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