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The Starving Millions and “Kylie Minogue’s Ordeal”

It's called distraction, shifting focus, drawing attention away from the real issues that beset the majority of humans on the planet. We are all anticipating another round of distracting emotive images on our televisions; things are not going well for the powers, it's time for another 'circuit' of abuse awareness commercials, always topical and a guaranteed mind-shifter. The public consciousness is a well-managed resource - never doubt it!
The pathetic Australian Prime Minister would never have survived without the deft use of these (social) management techniques. Whenever events are compromising, the public is fed distracting 'traumatics' or lollypop crap by the mass media.

In no way do we wish to diminish the personal trauma of Kylie Minogue's breast cancer ordeal but really, the world is going to rack and ruin, does Kylie's renegade breast warrant our attention at the moment? Ninemsn news Australia, has decided that Israel's blatant Nazi tactics against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, the starving children of Africa, the child sex slaves of Eastern Europe servicing American troops in camp Bond Steel, Kosovo, not to mention climate change and all the wars raging around the globe at the moment, do not deserve our sustained attention and focus. Are the present odd offerings from the mass media the result of inept programming or are they deliberate designs, the result of extremely skilled population control? "I heard the news today, O boy..".

News is only useful when it is RELEVANT and enhances our lives. Distracting the public is a propaganda ploy - not news. We are still waiting for well-known Australian media interviewer and Howard mouthpiece, Tony Jones, to do a follow-up on the (fabricated) tape of the masked 'Aussie Al-Qaeda terrorist', aired on his current affairs program. That tape is as bogus a piece of 'news' as the legality of holding Australian citizen David Hicks in a US torture/detention centre. How long must we wait Mr Jones, Mr. Howard?

We are fully aware of the fabrication of that tape and the reasons behind its production. We are also aware of the reasons behind the recall of the previous American ambassador. Would it trouble you greatly if one of our news teams approached you for an interview, Mr. Jones? You are high on our list of 'persons of interest'. We always endeavour to serve the Australian public with a complete picture of any event and we are always ready to expose any media bias or partisan treatment of any issue on the Australian media. You may have forgotten that the Australian ABC is supposed to be a non-commercial unbiased channel. But we all have our mortgages to pay and our life-styles to pursue; our personal integrity may take second or even fifth place in presenting all the 'facts' to the Australian public.

The issue for the public is whether they accept inanities or irrelevancies masquerading as 'news'. The State and the media exist in symbiotic relationship - information has always been filtered by totalitarian regimes, ask the Chinese or Russians. There are numerous moves underway at present to control available news mediums, the internet being the obvious thorn in the side of all centralist and conservative regimes. Be aware of the intentions of those who would cry child porn as an excuse to filter content at the backbone level - it's a LIE. Insist on alternative methods at user level or a selective option.

By 'day' we are your Sunday school teachers; by 'night' we are who we are. We reserve our right of freedom and the liberty it offers to be what we choose to be. We accept no myth, law or regulatory measure from any person, body, institution or text. We exist simultaneously in the underground and in positions of public influence. Expediency has determined that we remain invisible to you. It is our immediate proximity to you that renders us invisible, indeed we embrace and caress you as the Boa 'embraces' its prey, very close and very sure.

The avaricious, imprudent, impatient and impudent have always served us and continue to serve us at their continuing peril. Defeat is inevitable. Check your graphs and polls and verify the trend away from your charade.

We are the necessary opposition, the outsiders, the others, the irrepressible and enduring enemies of liars, murderers and exploiters. Your fear of us is justified!

We are ONE.

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