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Never go to autotown for any used cars!! They are a big dealership that sells used cars they don't even check out and say they do, then refuse to fix the problems. They take advantage of inexperienced car buyers. They don't care about their customers!!
About 2 years ago, I purchased a 1995 Ford escort from Auto Town (pontiac GMC) on McLoughlin Blvd. This was only my second experience at a dealership and I'm sure I appeared very naive and was. I have bad credit and went to them first because I was promised a loan of up to $10,000. When I got there, I asked to speak with the guy from the phone and they said he doesn't even work out of that building, they just reel in the fish with empty promises. Then I was told all I could have was that one car (95 ford escort) for roughly $5000. Right away this was a rip off but I thought that was the best I could get and desperately needed a car. I traded them my old car and paid them $1,000. I told them I was worried about it breaking down after I got it and they assured me that pro mechanics checked out the whole car. They then talked me into purchasing a $1500 warranty which covered a few major things. Right after I bought it the brakes were making popping sounds. I had the master cylinder replaced out of my own pocket. Then, about 4 months 5 months later, the sound continued and the axle fell apart. It cost another $500 to temporarily fix and then the transmission started going out. Then the electric problems started. I decided it was time to trade it in and went back to auto town telling them of my problems. They then put me in a 1998 gmc yukon with another warranty. They assured me it got about 17mpg. I had to bring it back the second day with electric problems with the gauges and check engine light. They reluctantly fixed it and sent me on my way. Then, the battery went out in the remote keyless entry and the tags expired and they wouldn't pay for new tags. Then, a month and 1/2 later, I find the alignment is off and there's noise in the AC and heater. They said the tube was dripping water in the fan area and the fan was rusted. This cost $300 I refused to pay and they refused to pay. They are a big dealership and their manager said he wouldn't fix a $300 problem for a returning customer and a vehicle they just sold me. Anyway, the truck only got 10mpg and it needed a tune up. I can't believe they sold me another car in such poor condition when they have plenty of money to fix these things. I tried to return it and they refused. Fred Farley told my boyfriend and I quote "All of our vehicles break down. Sorry!" This dealership is horrible! I can't believe such a rich dealership would not check out their used cars first and then refuse to pay for problems that cost under $1000 to fix. Both vehicles I bought had brake problems and needed tune ups and alignments. They also had electrical problems. Don't support this horrible company.

couple of mistakes here 04.Jul.2006 18:17

been there

first, never buy a ford escort. my first car was a 1983 ford escort that totally died before it was even paid off!

second, don't trust used car dealers! those commercials on tv and radio about "get a yes" and "own a car" are total scams. they are run by independent advertisers who drive poor schmucks like you and me to the dealers. the dealer knows you have bad credit and will do anything to get a car, even if it means making payments every two weeks and paying twice as much for a car as it is worth. used car salespeople are liars and cheats and many of them should be imprisoned for the crimes they commit against the working poor.

next time, buy a honda or a toyota from someone on craigslist or the newspaper. or better yet, buy a bike and/or a bus pass.

Don't get mad, get even 04.Jul.2006 23:06

Converse Murdoch umlaut@idir.net

Park this vehicle as close as you can to the entrance with a clearly legible sign in the window saying what a rip off this place is. Check with the cops first to make sure you're legally parked and tell them what you're doing before you do this. Ask them what the rules are for demonstrating in front of a business. That way the cops can't be used against you.

Put balloons on your car and do anything to draw attention to your sign. Hand out copies of the grievance you just posted. These dealerships spend a fortune on advertising and you can undo a lot of it by positioning yourself close to the point of sale. This will have a dramatic effect on their sales. You could probably cost them fifty grand a day in lost sales. Customers do notice things like this.

Play hardball and hang tough. They'll probably offer to fix your car for a reduced rate as a starting offer. Tell them you don't want anything from them you just want to hurt them. Stop talking at that point. They'll come back with a better offer. Don't take it. Tell them "I don't care if you give me back twice what I paid I'm going to make sure you don't do this to anybody else."

Keep doing this until they offer to give you a complete TOTAL refund plus compensation for your time getting the refund.

If this sounds like a hassle, how hard do you have to work to make five grand ?

get over it 05.Jul.2006 17:25


"Then, the battery went out in the remote keyless entry and the tags expired and they wouldn't pay for new tags."

And you expect THEM to pay for these things? You could see the tags on the car when you bought it, and batteries on remotes go out after 7 or 8 years.... Cars have an ongoing cost of maintenance and repair that you are responsible for when you buy a car. I agree that the transmissions, etc should be inspected (wasn't that covered by the "warranty" you purchased?). Next time do some research on the car you're planning on purchasing; don't rely on the used car dealer to tell you the truth about mileage, etc. You'll always get a better deal buying a car privately than going to a dealer, anyway.

You coulda called CAR TALK.... 15.Jul.2006 01:12


and they would have told you that the popping sound when you turned corners was a bad CV joint. Is the Kelley Blue Book value on a ten year old Escort really 5 grand? I hate to say it but they saw you coming a mile away. If I were you I would get a lawyer, but not without a referall from someone you trust.

fool me once shame on me........... 09.Jun.2007 22:04


welcome to the real world.study hard work hard protect your credit instead of blowing your money on consumer crap then you call the shots.