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Fox News begins push for Federal "Office of Censorship"

On June 29, several Fox News media figures suggested that the U.S. government should "put up the Office of Censorship" to screen news reports to determine whether they "hurt the country" or are of "news value," in the wake of a New York Times article disclosing a Treasury Department program designed to monitor international financial transactions.
Fox & Friends co-host Kilmeade advocated "Office of Censorship" in wake of NY Times banking surveillance story

On the June 29 broadcast of Fox News Radio's Brian & The Judge, co-host Brian Kilmeade, who also co-hosts Fox News' Fox & Friends, suggested that the U.S. government should "put up the Office of Censorship," in the wake of reports in The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and The Wall Street Journal detailing a Treasury Department program designed to monitor international financial transactions for terrorist activity. Similarly, during the June 29 edition of Fox & Friends, co-host E.D. Hill wondered if it would be appropriate for the U.S. government to create an "Office of Censorship." During an interview with Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R-AZ) about The New York Times report, Hill asserted that such an office, previously established during World War II by the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration, could screen news reports to determine whether they "hurt the country" or are of "news value." The New York Times has been singled out for criticism by numerous conservative media figures, including many on the Fox News Channel, as Media Matters for America has documented.

Hayworth and Brian & The Judge co-host Andrew P. Napolitano both challenged the need for an "Office of Censorship," although Hayworth went on to characterize "those in journalism who have taken it upon themselves to become the arbitrators of what should be national security" as displaying a "nationally suicidal" reasoning.

Transcript excerpts:
Marleen 04.Jul.2006 18:56

They are

absolute nut-cases!

WHEN!!!! 05.Jul.2006 01:27


are we gonna stand up and do something?

When the hell are we gonna stand up and do something?... 05.Jul.2006 08:10

Pravda or Consequences

Just saw the movie, "An Inconvenient Truth", and this is just more warming of the water on the stove before boiling.

The major forces I see in play that are driving the sheeple acquiescence are fear (security) and loss of freedom. It seems the loss of freedom doesn't sway the sheeple. That is because the fascists know how to slowly turn up the heat and they have the enthusiastic support of corporate media who see terrorism as a gold mine for profitability and the ability to be part of the inner circle of decision makers and finally the Democrats who have no cohesive plan for real democracy now or ever.

Short of an armed insurrection, the only way I see re-distributing the power is to take over those things that the fascists need to accumulate and control power. That 'thing' is the economy. We either take over the economy or wait until it melts down. I prefer the former rather than the latter because of the impacts to families and particular women and children.

FYI - If you add the Google tool bar to your browser, it has a spellcheck function.

it's called communism 05.Jul.2006 13:47

bubba gump

Tony Snowjob has a lot of ideas for GWB, huh? Let's put Jeff Gannon in charge. He always knows which questions to ask. We should take all those old Norman Rockwell paintings, you know, the ones with the working stiff standing up to speak his piece at a town hall meeting, the embodiment of the democratic farmer/laborer? We should burn all those pictures in a big bonfire cuz they're forever irrelevant and obsolete. All those eagle-featured soldiers and boy scouts and July 4th picnics and hometown vignettes of a way of life dedicated to the Rights of Man. That Norman. What a card he was. Actually saw America as a decent place to live, with Joe Citizen in charge of it all. I always liked the Freedom of the Press themes. We'll burn those first. What the hell. Might as well throw in all video copies of Citizen Kane too. What did we expect? They canned all the anchormen who dared compared the WTC collapse with controlled demolition. Rather, Brokaw, Cronkite, Jennings. One after the other. Replaced with Charlie ("let's try this fresh muffin with some jam..") Gibson, the only male
anchor who wears an apron to his morning gig. And now Katie Couric fills the Oxfords of the likes of Uncle Walter. When they drop the big one she'll still have that stupid, inane fake smile as her head melts in the firestorm. And NPR? it's always Tony Blankley, hired Moonie Neo-Con Lieslinger on the 'Right' and that wealthy lib windbag Huffington (Newt's ex-groupie) on the 'Left'. (what a joke!). Once in a while a Robert Scheer will get a word in, but that's it. It's usually some boremeister like Daniel Schorr though. Most of NPR's expert's are usually ex-CIA agents or clones from the 'Defense Information Center' or another misnamed spook-tank. I love how they're all playing down the North Korean's military capabilities. They're lying about it. They have a HUUUUUGE military. They are NOT pushovers defense-wise. If America really understood how massive their forces are, they would FREAK!!!! Looks like international developments may derail any big ideas GWB & Co. may have regarding N. Korea. The USA cannot control everything. But they will lie to their own people about what the situation really is. We'll only find out when we go blind from the initial flash of the first strike. By the way, when do they start censoring PDX Indymedia? I mean, they're gonna run out of black magic markers!

an overriding apathy born of contentment and entertainment. 05.Jul.2006 18:10

this thing here

>It seems the loss of freedom doesn't sway the sheeple.<

this is because the fascism in america will be very well hidden in plain sight.

when fascism comes to america, nobody is going to see goose stepping and uniforms with obscure symbols and mass graves. especially not in the beginning.

want to go watch a baseball game? no problem. fascism in america won't prevent you from seeing any baseball game you want. want to eat tacos or chinese food? hey, no problem. fascism in america won't stop you from eating any damn food you want. want to drink and play poker, and watch the latest survivor episode with your friends? hey, you got it. fascism in america won't stop you from watching television. surf the net? hey, just so long as you surf the right sites.

so life in fascist america will seem completely normal. you can eat and drink and have some fun. who needs any more freedom than that?

but let's say you want to play poker with some comrades and discuss some important ideas and plans. sorry, american fascism will see that this never happens. your association with these individuals will be monitored, and the place chosen for this meeting will bugged. if this meeting requires an airplane trip by one of your comrades, this person will be blacklisted and prevented from flying.

but let's say you want to watch a dvd about the ongoing war in iran, turkey and iraq. sorry, american fascism will see that this never happens. the dvd will be censored, and any evidence of it's existence will be erased from the internet. you will not be able to purchase it on american soil, or import it from overseas.

but let's say you've written a poem or painted a painting that is critical of the latest administration. sorry, it may very well be a beautiful peom or painting, but if you try to publish that poem or show that painting, you will come under surveillance and your work will be confiscated for reasons related to national security.

but let's say you want to search the internet for information about a suspicious, poisonous chemical that a large corporation has been producing. sorry, no such information exists. the government will work in league with any and all large corporate interests to protect and repel any attempts by citizen groups to influence product production or gain damaging information. any and all corporate interests will be given, by the government, the national security priviledge, which will cover all corporate and industrial activites with the cloak of national security. this apparently has already occurred with such telecoms as at&t, who can now say with impunity that they "never gave any call records to the government", because they know that their activities are protected by "national security", and are therefore given the most ultimate legal protection in all of america. this is a form of Absolute Power by the way which makes me rather nervous to say the least.

but let's say you've been arrested in a massive demonstration against the latest war and draft call up. sorry, but in fascist america you will be held for 5 - 10 years in a county jail before being charge with anything. and once you are given a trial, it will not be a trial by jury, as required by what is now the former u.s. constitution. for "national security" reasons, all such trials like yours will be presided over by a three judge panel, appointed by the executive branch. and by the way, your trial will be held incommunicado in a secret location.

but, meanwhile, people outside are going to mcdonalds and eating burgers, watching sports on television, and going for walks with their families in parks and buying ice cream.

business will be free in fascist america. those aspects of ameircan life that business touches will be free. because business is what pays fascism's bills.

you, however, you'll be as free as fascism allows, and you'll have as much fun as corporations allow. but don't fuck up. don't you fuck up and start hanging out with the wrong people and start thinking up crazy ideas and start planning to do crazy things. don't you fuck up and do that because you don't have that freedom. you'll watch corporate t.v. and go to baseball games and eat hamburgers and you'll be happy just like everybody else. isn't that good enough for you. and if you aren't happy, fascism in america is going to come down on you like a hammer. just go along with everyone else and nothing will happen to you......

the sheeple don't care about losing their political or intellectual freedom. they just want their creature comforts. and if in the coming fascist american society, the american people are contented and entertained at the end of the day by a good laugh and a milkshake, they'll be willing to be slaves....

(don't let me down america. i hope i'm wrong about you. don't let me say such a mean thing about you...)