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THE TRUTH ABOUT SPAM (Self Protecting American Measure)

Stop Spamming Me!
THE TRUTH ABOUT SPAM (Self Protecting American Measure)

Spam is a word that the Americans created to block any kind of information that might denounce the wrongdoings of the higher spheres of Government or of their allied Fat Cats. It is also meant to block any information that might go against their interests, or against the interests of the big industries and entities and institutions and top white collars that exploit the social system.

When the information is convenient for the bosses of economy and Government, then it is called "newsletter". In either cases it is UNSOLICITED, the difference being that in the first case is called "spam", whereas in the second case is called "newsletter".

The traditional Media owned by the Fat Cats of mankind keeps hiding TONS of information from the public. When this information reaches people from non established sources, then it is called "spam".

Every day I get some 200 UNSOLICITED emails about Sony laptops or Cialis, or penis enlargement or Viagra or National Lottery or Get rich in 10 minutes or I'll make you come in 2 seconds or whatever. Since there are big cats behind the scene then they are called "newsletters" and are perfectly legal.

Every day I turn my TV on and I get bombarded with all kind of UNSOLICITED commercials. They Spam my TV with all kind of junk but, once again, the Fat Cats say this is legal (due to the fact that it is a bunch of big powerful crooks making the Laws and deciding what is legal and what is not). I am not interested in this UNSOLICITED crap! I just want to see a film! The same applies when I turn my radio on. All kind of UNSOLICITED SPAM hitting my ears! buy this, eat the other, go there, travel to wherever, get younger with this, get fit with the other...I just want to listen to the News!

Fat Cats and Big Crooks of the established system. You first stop your SPAM through your endless Media and your networks and then you will clearly show me how to stop my spam from my small computer. You first stop SPAMMING ME with your UNSOLICITED USELESS information and then I'll stop spamming others with VERY INTERESTING and sometimes VERY USEFUL information. Also, you should inform people about EVERYTHING, so that I will have nothing to inform people about.