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Code Pink first Tuesday will be second Tuesday this month

Re: calendar item for Code Pink on first Tuesday:
Code Pink's Mothers Day Parade, May 12th
Code Pink's Mothers Day Parade, May 12th
This month due to Independence day, Code Pink's monthly meeting will be July 11th, next Tuesday, instead of tonight. Same location: In Other Words, NE Killingsworth and Williams at 6:30 pm.

So instead of coming to the meeting tonight, come out and support Troops Home Fast at Salmon Street Fountain:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/07/341964.shtml

homepage: homepage: http://codepinkportland.org

Independence day!!! 04.Jul.2006 07:37


"Two-hundred-thirty years ago we declared independence from another oppressive George, and today we're declaring independence from an oppressive George who has taken us into an unjust war, killed our children, infiltrated our peace groups, eavesdropped on our calls. We, once again, declare independence from oppressive rule." Cindy Sheehan