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Honouring Indigenous Women

The tribes of the "United States" who suffered the same
violations from the colonial Wasicu should stand in
Spirit with the tribes of "Canada."

Hoka Hey!
Spirit Keepers Caravan
August 14 - September 30, 2006

Bringing the Children Home

More than 50,000 aboriginal children died in church-run residential
schools across Canada between 1890 and 1984. Few of their remains
were ever brought home for a proper burial. Their killers were
never brought to justice. And the truth of the Aboriginal Holocaust
has remained buried.

Until now.

Clan Mothers and Elders have decided to launch a Spirit Keepers
Caravan that will visit the sites of former residential schools and
help give voice to the spirits of the children who died there. The
Caravan will rally survivors and ask the government of Canada and
the Catholic, Anglican and United Church to return the remains of
the disappeared children to their homes so they may finally be laid
to rest.

It is time for the full truth of their fate to be known, and for
those who have passed on to receive their healing, too. The Spirit
Keepers Caravan expects full disclosure and accountability by those
responsible for the deaths of so many children.

This is an invitation to your elders and all your people to welcome
and participate in our Caravan. We intend to travel across Turtle
Island and bring our message to the world, so that all of the
residential school children may finally be brought home and have
their story told.

The Caravan will be leaving Unceded Coast Salish
territory ("Vancouver") on August 14, 2006. Contact us now to plan a
ceremonial event or public forum on your territory.

For more information, contact our Elders at this email:


With thanks,

Elder Growing Rock, Ojibway-Cree Nation
Elder Whispers Wind, Ojibway Nation