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9.11 investigation

New animation of Flight 77 proves it wasn't a Boeing 757!

If the "911 Case Study: Pentagon Flight 77" is accurate, then the object in the security camera video frame is not a Boeing 757!
See  http://www.justiceforbush.com

Exhibit D (upper right) shows what an American Airlines Boeing 757 would actually look like in the video frame, based on the 3-D simulation posted to You Tube on July 1, 2006:  http://prisonplanet.com/articles/july2006/010706casestudy.htm. (The aircraft would probably appear more blurred than is shown here. The outline has been highlighted to show the size and dimensions clearly.) When the pixel difference obtained from the real video frames is superimposed on the simulated 757 (right), we see that 1) the position of the tail is significantly different, 2) the nose of the aircraft is visible in the simulation, but not in the actual frame.

Conclusion: If the "911 Case Study" simulation is correct, then the object in the video frame is not a Boeing 757.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB : Everything else is a Distraction 06.Jul.2006 16:07

Truth Revolution

Most people can't handle the truth (or at least think they can't). But really, the 'truth' has the 'power' to change everything. . .and is our only HOPE.

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This 'cartoon animation' doesn't reflect "reality" in any way, sorry. 07.Jul.2006 09:47

advocate reality

It doesn't do justice to the laws of physics. It offers no clear evidence of what really happened at the Pentagon on 9/11 or proof that a Boeing 757 struck it. It's just more speculation which only serves to muddy the waters even more. The only thing it's clear on is disinformation. From watching this animated 'version' of what the creators perceive as the supposed 'truth' of what happened, I'm only left to disbelieve a jet airliner of that size and weight could even come close to maneuvering in (REAL LIFE) the way in which was outlined in this 'cartoon'. Nice try though. :)