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9.11 investigation

911 Truth and Texas Terror

This important article by Captain Eric May, founder of the renowned
cyber-intelligence antiwar group, Ghost Troop, was published in
abridged form by the Lone Star Iconoclast, which is the paper of
record for Crawford, Texas, where George W. Bush has his summer
residence. It is most striking because it analyzes the dangers of a
Bush terror strike in the near future, stating that Texas is the
foremost target.

What was published by the Iconoclast is an abridgement of the
original. As you'll find from what's below, this original version
contains invaluable insights on the latest advances of the American
911 Truth Movement. It is also quite specific as to the debt the
"infowar" community of 911 researchers (Captain May included) owe to
Captain May < captainmay@prodigy.net> wrote:

911 Truth and Texas Terror

Houston, Texas (6/22/06)

The Chicago 911 Truth Conference has moved to the forefront 911 Truth
history with its creation of a strong and serious statement in its
June 2-4 meeting, 9/11 Truth - the Key to Stopping World War III:
 http://mujca.com/chicagostory.htm . The statement makes three key
assertions that bear notice and careful examination:
Bush made 911 happen on purpose, he didn't just let it happen.
Bush attempted a 911-2B follow-up attack in the summer of 2005
(interrupted by Internet activists).
Bush needs a successful 911-2B attack to maintain his grip on power
and continue the GWOT (Global War on Terror).
I shall set forth and examine each of these in turn -- adding such
details as I know to fill in the picture.

MIHOP strength and LIHOP weakness

Those who argue Bush "Made It Happen On Purpose" (MIHOP) have proved
their points conclusively, and that those who argue its simply a case
of ineptitude are wrong, says the Chicago 911 Statement. According to
them, the wrong-headed crowd weakly says that Bush simply "Let It
Happen On Purpose" (LIHOP).

The MIHOP argument allows the American People to adopt a posture of
due vigilance, they say, since it only stands to reason that if was
done once, it may very well be done again. The LIHOP argument
invalidates any thought of alerting the public against government
terror drills as silly alarmism, or garden-variety conspiracy theory.

In short, LIHOP operates as a brake on the accelerating realization of
MIHOP by wider and wider circles of the American People.

The Aborted Nuclear Attack of Summer, 2005

Signers of the Chicago 911 Statement believe that there was a
concerted, effective effort by the 911 Truth community (thousands of
activists) to alert the public to the danger of a summer, 2005 attack,
set up in tandem with the London 7/7 attacks:

Our movement was able to block Sudden Response 05 in Charleston, South
Carolina, last August. It shall be the policy of our movement to
monitor, identify, expose, denounce, and shut down WMD drills and
exercises which threaten to go live in the form of real attacks
anywhere in the world. It is our urgent duty to inoculate populations
against this notorious trick of the rogue networks.

Almost all the 911 Truth Movement was quite aware, last summer, that
the media and Bush terror agencies were spreading a story of an
imminent Al-Qaeda nuclear attack on a US port city. The signatories
of the Chicago 911 Statement are referring to a specific attempt (or
series of attempts) to create just this "media reality" (or set-up) by
nuking a US city. For those who want to know, more, I found ample
material (official and unofficial) on Sudden Response 2005, and can
affirm the operation of the 911 Truth Movement in keeping it from
"going live" (which was the Bush intention).

The Pending Terror Attack of Summer, 2006 (911-2B)

The Chicago 911 Truth statement adopts what my associates and I call
"911-2B," or the 911-to-be follow-up attack that the controlled media
keeps programming us to accept when it comes. After all, they tell us
(as they set us up), it's not a matter of IF it's going 2B, but a
matter of WHEN it's going 2B. Ergo, our code for the next event: 911-2B.

They say that indicators point toward some sort of false-flag terror
event in the near term, as both Bush and Congressional collaborators
fear any radical transition of power in the 2006 elections. What on
earth would they do if, for instance, an uncontrollable Democrat were
to win the leadership of either the House or Senate? It could
actually mean independent investigations, and that's simply
impossible, in light of what has happened.

The American Political Establishment, the statement argues, needs a
911-2B event to save the man, (George W. Bush) if they want to save
the plan (GWOT -- Global War on Terror). Nothing but 911-2B will work
at this point.

The Cyber-Resistance of the Internet community is tying down a huge
amount of the military and police forces conducting COINTELPRO
operations against it. 911 Truth Movement forces are growing, and as
is adopting an attitude much more like that of a collective
intelligence network. We recently saw the rapid publication by
several hundred cyber-publishers (especially Indymedia) of the
collective Internet article by Michel Chossudovsky, Paul Watson,
William M. Arkin and me, Bunker Time: Federal Gov. to Conduct
Large-scale Anti-terror Drill.

Abroad things are getting critical, too, for the Bush administration.
The antiwar movement is spreading, and the friendly, "embedded"
media has failed in its prostitute task of spinning the Arab nightmare
into the American dream. As the clever predicted, Iraq isn't just a
quagmire, it's quicksand, and whether the media admits it or not, we
can see that that the Army and Marines are just sinking in deeper in a
failed war.

Diplomacy isn't going to fix a thing, under the current
administration. Yesterday Bush appeared in a joint EU/USA press
conference in which he called the people of Europe who fear him like
another Hitler (more than half the people, in some countries) that
they were "absurd." Bush glowered at the journalists that he knew
what was right for America, that things had changed after 911, and
that he knew full-well that the American People would begin to lose
heart as it forgot the critical lessons of 911.

The press conference ended abruptly after Bush's second repetition of
the "absurd" reply, at the behest of handlers. This morning surely
some enterprising journalist in Europe will headline a story: Bush to

911-2B would solve it all -- especially the part about his nation
failing to remember the lessons he taught it -- by ramping up public
aggression against Bush enemies (who would be the ones blamed for the
event, of course), and warranting expansion of the war to the nuclear
level. The boy-president would finally have the ultimate plaything at
his disposal, and the world would tremble at his opportunity to show
the world that he is its (and our) master. You don't have to be able
to pronounce the word "nuclear" to use nuclear weapons, in this
"post-911" reality.

Summary (w/ Friends and Patrons)

The Chicago 911 Truth Statement is spot-on in all three of its
assertions, so far as I can tell. I've been pleased to learn from one
of the conference organizers (and my publisher), Dr. Kevin Barrett,
that our own work as a citizens' cyber-intelligence work was
considered by the statement signatories. I'm grateful for that, and
especially for the decision by the Irish 911 Truth Movement to post
our work in the area of 911-2B in its national site:

A 911 Truth Movement Strategy: Summer 2006

My associates and I believe that the most likely target for Bush
terror this summer will be the Texas Gulf coast. It stands to reason
that, faced with the decline in his political fortunes, Bush will turn
to the state he controls (Texas) and the industry that controls him
(Oil) for the results he needs (911-2B).

We note that in the last month we have confirmed terror drills or
alerts along the Texas Coast (from east to west) in Beaumont's Exxon
Mobil, Deer Park's Shell, and Texas City's British Petroleum. We
believe (and have published) that the Houston Metro area is most
likely center of the Southeast Texas target zone. In our opinion the
Texas Gulf Coast is under Bush terror threat throughout the summer .

We are particularly anxious about the summer's two NASA shuttle
launches, set for July 1 and August 28. Both those events will mean
the insertion of media and government agents into the Houston Metro
area (home of NASA), along with the imposition of informational
controls by government media liaisons.

Last year's July 26 launch of the Shuttle Discovery was part of the
set-up for a July 28 attempt to "go live" on Texas City, Texas, which
was the original "Mission 911-2B," and is the prototype from which
concerned Internet activists are learning how a multi-cyber-media
infowar campaign can shut down a false-flag attempt.

I have omitted references on the assertions I've made, but our work is
accessible via the Irish 911 Truth Movement site I've included above.
Those who take a particular interest in the 911-2B Mission of summer,
2005, can find the event -- with articles and real-time interviews, at

I invite all MIHOP researchers to post and publish this article and
analysis. God bless -- and protect -- America!

Captain Eric H. May, MI/PAO, USA
CO, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+
Mission of Conscience / Patriots in Action

Captain May, a former Army intelligence an public affairs officer, is
the founder and commander of Ghost Troop, a 300-strong unit comprised
of military and police veterans and active duty, along with civilian
research/activists. He is on a self-declared "mission of conscience"
to oppose the Bush War Cabal.

homepage: homepage: http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/group/ghosttroop/