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Janus Youth Programs/Village Gardens Celebrates Receipt of USDA Grant

Join U.S. Congressman Earl Blumenauer and City Commissioner Erik Sten to announce Janus Youth Programs receipt of a three-year Community Food Security Projects grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Village Gardens, a Janus Youth Program, works in partnership with neighborhood residents, public and private donors, and community businesses to reduce hunger and build economic independence by growing food on 56,000 square feet of land.
Funding from the USDA marks Village Gardens' expansion from 7,000 square feet of gardens in the St. Johns Woods public housing community to two additional sites: the Seeds of Harmony garden at New Columbia and Tamaracks, and the Food Works Farm, a youth-run entrepreneurial business on one acre of land on Sauvie Island.

The ceremony will be held on Thursday, July 6th, 10AM, at the Seeds of Harmony garden site.

Directions to Village Gardens' Seeds of Harmony garden site: I-5 North to Columbia Boulevard, exit 306A. Head west on Coumbia Boulevard to N. Chautauqua (signal light) and turn right. Go approximately three blocks to N. Alaska and turn right. Head west on Alaska and park on the street, across from the University Park Community Center. The garden is a few steps further down the road on the north side of the street and is wheelchair accessible. It is also located directly on the #4 bus line to St. Johns.

Call the Village Gardens office at 503-286-2099 if you have any questions.

phone: phone: 503-286-2099

Directions Correction 03.Jul.2006 13:24

Liz Fehrenbach

Just a note, take a LEFT onto Chautauqua, not a right. :)