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The BushCo's Revolution in methods

A little insight into the slight evolution of political practice amongst the Bushes. A speculation as to why. Read the www.gregpalast.com article and register for all updates. Speculate and research are the cornerstones to a healthy democratic society not guns or oil.
A few thoughts on the latest Palast article about Mexico and fighting terrorism. It is in some sense interesting to watch the progression of politics as they are. First of all, I suppose in some sick and twisted manner that we should be happy that BushCo has finally matured to a nonviolent level. After all his family has been closely linked with political assination for many generations. An emerging power of despots they have ruled politically for three generations, a group mostly interested in the sell of arms and oil. Scandalous tradings have always followed the Bush family and killings of top ranking officials is quite common. Bush senior avoided a paper assisnation during the Arms negotiations committees reflections during the Iran Contra scandal. Now, the Bushes have always been very interested in the happenings of central America. The terrorists according to the Bush are little mayan farmer girls like Rigoberta Menchu (ie Nobel Peace Prize Winner.) It does not take a great leap of faith that a despot Bush (ie Savings and Loan scandal family) would in essence think to rig an election electronically in another country. Nor would it be a stretch of faith for the son of the once head of CIA/el Presidente to finalize an election with a gun. The sad fact for the implementation of democracy in our time is that set to the old standby of the ballot or the bullet we inevitabley swallow the bullet. The cry for the Bush Co family for the last 50 years has not been the "Remember the Alamo" but Democracy vs Terrorism and the need to assert albeit nondemocratically "democracy" around the globe. This almost like the a mythical machine gunning Jesus has been the crackers and wine of their faith that they have been dispensing at a rapid and economically self benefical rate. The trail of mass graves and soiled eyes of dead children follow their promises of democracy like ghosts forever rattling their chains against the beat of their words that fill our newspapers and media. Any objective look into even one sentence of their charade gives you a look of a hard cold criminalistic family that has robbed America of natural resources, polluted the land and turned it's own people into slaves. They have always ascribed to the trade of weapons over medicine, violence over prosperity, and annilation over natural competion. The Bushco family does not play honest or Christian in it's dealings. Everywhere from doing the bid of the Saudi Arabian Kings, to the slaughter of busses full of Nuns in central America you can watch their idea of military superiority come into play. In fact the Bush family has been linked with the weapons trading with the Nazi's themselves. Bush Co, the family that stole America, has no vested interest in a peaceful nation anywhere on this planet. They have no vested interest in democracy and they have proven repeatedly that they work best with training terrorists than fighting them.

All I can say in reflection of the latest development in Central America is that they must have invested heavily themselves into the company running these election machines, because otherwise the outright assissination of the president would only mean an extra dollar in their holdings, for arms and oil are their only trade, which they will steal our tax dollars for.
You can watch Palast report on Mexico wed. July 5th 03.Jul.2006 12:57

Migratory Bird

You can watch video of Palast reporting the elections on Wednesday July 5th on Democracy Now!

or you can listen. webstream it. you know what to do. so try doing it.