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0703 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for Monday, July 3rd, 2006
1. Backers of initiative measure, get your signatures in by Friday. But play fair! Pay by the hour, not by the name and make sure you get that name no more than once.
2. An OSU prof hit the road to Biodieselsville. David Hackleman is no Willie Nelson, but he is off across the country in his diesel truck spreading the word and the word is It Doesn't Have To Be This Way.
3. And the Guv also racked up a few miles himself. Final figures aren't in yet but it seems that Kulongoski and company went on a trade junket to Japan and South Korea and all we got was a bill for $00 thousand dollars...
4. Former Vice presidential candidate John Edwards was in Portland on Friday. Edwards told the National Organization of Black Elected Legislative Women's conference that America needs a War on Poverty instead of the War on the Poor we are currently waging (I am not referring to the War on Terror for the obvious reason that is patently Business As Usual on a global scale).
5. Residents of Camp Boondoggle in Albany are being evicted from their dwellings - just in time for Independence Day...
6. The new jingoist law that requires Medicaid recipients to produce citizenship documentation above and beyond a simple driver's license has already started to backfire: lawmakers must have forgotten that there are elderly people who were born at home and never had any need for any sort of personal paperwork whatsoever. These are the Americans lawmakers love to refer to as The Salt of the Earth.
7. Waterway managers across Oregon are taking a close look at lakes. Thanks to runoff from golf courses and other heavy users of chemical fertilizers and chemicals - Heads up, Lake O! - we now have lethal blooms of a type of algae in many of our lakes.
8. Nyah Nyah: The giant asteroid narrowly missed us.
9. Lieutenant Commander Charles Swift is the Navy lawyer who trumped Bush in the pivotal Supreme Court battle over Gitmo prisoners. He has been named one of the 100 most influential lawyers in the US. And just in time because the Navy has made it clear to Swift that his military career is unofficially over.
10. Five Army soldiers will no doubt see their military careers take a turn for the better. They are being investigated for allegedly raping a young Iraqi woman then killing her and three members of her family. The soldiers will almost certainly get a slap on the wrist and a pat on the back...
11. Senator Charles Schumer wants a review of all the Bush regime's anti-terror programs after the recent Supreme Court decision that the Administration's "military tribunals" are illegal. Schumer said the War on Terror can be fought successfully and legally. (Might as well give it a try; fighting it unsuccessfully and illegally hasn't worked out... )
12. New York Times columnist Frank Rich points out that all this smoky flag-burning, immigration, gay rights fervor the administration has been huffing at is designed to distract Americans from the global disgrace that is Gitmo, the Iraq fiasco, the deficit and the specter of global climate change.
13. Governor Swartzenegger's Homeland security Agency has tracked antiwar and animal-rights activists. The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom? I mean, c'mon...
14. New Jersey is closed for financial renovations.
15. In Geneva the chances of a new accord to lower trade barriers across the globe has been revealed as the bare-arsed charade it is. Poor countries aren't having it. (Actually, the only country that ahs absolutely no trade barriers at all is... ..That's right!... Iraq. And, look! Over there... .Paul Bremer, on his knees before the Crotch of Empire.)
16. Bill Frist has an idea. Frist wants Bush to force them dang fereners over there in that Europe to let the US put interceptor missiles on EU territory. (Should be easy, especially if the territory is Britain and you scare the shit out of the British first. I mean this isn't rocket science... .wait... yes it is... )
17. As if on cue, some of British MP's are saying that the threat to the UK from al-Qaeda is likely to have increased and the Iraq war has provided a boost to extremist groups in general. (They came up with this all by themselves with absolutely no help from Bill Frist... )
18. As if that isn't bad, now with so many British troops in Afghanistan and Afghanistan getting deadly all over again, it is going to be tough to sell the British people on the idea of more dead soldiers. (So if I understand the thought here, it isn't that fighting impoverished strangers that is a problem, it's the public relations that has rough edges... .)
19. On the weekend Israel bombed the office of the Hamas prime minister in a new wave of air raids in order to find the soldier held by Palestinian militant groups. (Clever of the Palestinians to hide the guy in the Hamas PM's office... )
20. The US has threatened to withhold aid to Nepal if the Maoist rebels there join an interim government without giving up their weapons first. Nepalis want the US to leave it alone. Where were we when all the bloodshed was going on? What the US really wants is a puppet government of its own design.
21. Finally: India has given aid to crisis-hit cotton farmers in Maharashtra. The cotton crop failure and the many suicides of destitute farmers is the direct responsibility of Monsanto who declined to offer assistance. (A 'sorry' would have been nice... )
22. Demonstrators in Hong Kong marched to demand full democracy. Not as many people turned out as in past years because they are doing so well financially (there's a lesson there... )
23. China opened its Train to Tibet this weekend. The Tibetans are screwed and so is the environment, but hell, it's a great PR coup...
24. Mexican Stand-off: Results of the Mexican election are not in yet. Apparently it was close, (or at least as close as the CIA could make it without seeming too obvious... ). To save time, both candidates declared victory.
25. Bolivia is voting on Morales's reforms, but really, what's not to like about them?
26. Hugo Chavez is calling on Africa to forge closer ties with Latin America to combat US hegemony.
27. North Korea says that if the US attacks, it will be met with an "annihilating strike."

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