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Haifa court releases the "Shefa'amer 7"

Shefa'amer 7 released
North American Committee Against Zionism and Imperialism


Haifa court releases the "Shefa'amer 7"

20 days after the Zionist entity authorities detained 7 Arab Palestinians, including Jameel Saffouri, a leader in the Abnaa elBalad movement, on charges relating to the August 4, 2005 self-defense slaying of a Zionist entity soldier courts have temporarily release the 7 men on 1 month's house arrest for the next month. Apparently, the prosecution hasdecided it does not yet pocess the "evidence" required to convict the men through the occupation courts of injustice.

Following the decision people gathered and celebrated with joyous fanfare.

Supporters of the Shefa'amer 7, including the Abnaa elBalad political movement stress that they hope this decision means the end of any repressionagainst the 7 men or the people of Shefa'amer, but stresses the need for continued vigilance, and thanked its various international supporters.

Photos of the occassion after the court's decision, as seen on the Abnaa elBalad homepage, follow.








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