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Theres no better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than making an attempt to save ones freedoms from the oppressive, distructive powers that be. Excersise your liberty while you still can!
Event Flyer
Event Flyer
"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter, and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." -Abraham Lincoln


Portland Can't Wait, a group of autonomous individuals in the Portland area, seeking unique and
effective ways of promoting change in the current state of affairs, invites you to ring in the 4th of
July with some style, as we host a funeral/memorial service for the United States Constitution. We
encourage all citizens to exercise their right of liberty to remember the United States Constitution and reclaim the Declaration of Independence.

The program begins at 7:00pm at Peace Memorial Park (N. Interstate & N.E. Oregon St), with waterfront procession to follow. On the degradation of our constitutional rights we have guest speaker Alejandro Queral, the Executive Director of the NW Constitutional Rights Center, and delivering the eulogy on the waterfront, we have Activist Pastor, Brian Brandt, of Central Lutheran Church. Other guest speakers to include are the authors of the Declaration of Independence and the voices of Democracy, Justice, and Liberty.

We hope to see you there!

homepage: homepage: http://www.portlandcanwait.org

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Independence day!!! 04.Jul.2006 07:40

pink panther

"Two-hundred-thirty years ago we declared independence from another oppressive George, and today we're declaring independence from an oppressive George who has taken us into an unjust war, killed our children, infiltrated our peace groups, eavesdropped on our calls. We, once again, declare independence from oppressive rule." Cindy Sheehan

Madgreek 26.Jul.2006 21:51

this should be YOU!

I am appalled at the fact that this only got one response!
"WAKE UP AMERICA" Nothing in our lives (mine or my childrens) or yours, will EVER be more important than knowing the Importance of our FREEDOM, LIBRTY, or our Independence!!!!!!!! ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS A "little" History research and ask the obvious questions.