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Support for Suzanne Swift

Spc. Swift, facing a redeployment to Iraq while serving under the command of the same individuals now under investigation for rape and sexual harassment, chose to go absent without leave rather than subjugate herself to the horrors she experienced during her first tour of duty.

CALC Board Member Requests Help for Daughter Suzanne Swift
Dear CALC Friends,

U.S. Army Specialist Suzanne Swift of Eugene is the daughter of CALC Board member Sara Rich. She completed a tour of duty in Iraq, where she was sexually harassed and assaulted. Her efforts to report her treatment were met with disrespect and dismissed.

When she was to be deployed to Iraq a second time, the 21-year-old Military Police Officer, who was being treated for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, realized she could not return to Iraq and resume her duties in the same unit with the same commanding officer who sexually assaulted her.

Swift remained in Eugene for several months. On June 11, 2006, the Eugene Police Department responded to a request by Ft. Lewis officials to pick Swift up and take her to jail, where she spent two nights before being returned to Ft. Lewis. At Ft. Lewis, she was at first confined to her barracks, with the same sergeant who sexually assaulted her, and is now confined to the base.

The army is investigating her case. Because of the way she was treated while serving her country, Swift, her lawyer and her family are calling for an Honorable Discharge with full medical and veterans' benefits.

Please take a moment to go to the CARE2 web site to read and sign the petition calling on the U.S. Army to grant an Honorable Discharge to Suzanne Swift.

Read the petition carefully, diverse groups have come into accord, because we all agree Suzanne's situation is intolerable, and we are going to do something about it.

For further information, news articles and links please visit www.suzanneswift.org

We appreciate you taking the time to consider our petition.

Suzanne Swift has incurred large legal costs, so CALC is helping raise money for Suzanne's legal defense fund. If you want to make a tax deductible contribution:

Make the check out to CALC
Write Suzanne Swift Legal Defense Fund in the comments space:
Send your check to:

Community Alliance of Lane County
458 Blair Blvd
Eugene, OR 97402

CALC’s Tax ID # is 93-0691194

If you wish to support Suzanne directly:

Make the check out to Suzanne's Defense Fund (not tax deductible)
Mail your check to:

Suzanne's Defense Fund
P.O. Box 51584
Eugene, OR 97405
Please give web address 02.Jul.2006 08:56


Please give CARE2 web address with petition. Thanks.

Suzanne Swift Petition 03.Jul.2006 06:19