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a new science that explains to us what those silly complicated scientist ae saying

Global warming scares some of us into affirmative action, but not all. Why?
A significant amount of people are not convinced about global warming. It's debatable as to how large a part of the population it is. But it is my belief that the amount of people who do not care what might happen are such a significant part of our population, that it will irrevocably affect the delicate balance of our global environment.

The problem is that the scientific evidence supposedly proving global warming is so complex that only a handful of scientists understand the intricacies the science behind main global warming.

In other words, I don't believe anything is wrong with the science or with the fact that global warming does exist, but there is no convincing language scientists use, that people understand; the science is so complex, who but the scientists can understand?

And so I think that scientists need to develop science for people we are not scientifically inclined. For example, let's say you're listening to the local weather report, and the weatherman starts speaking and uttering scientific weatherman terminology. We believe the weatherman because we know that they have been well-trained, but do we understand this terminology he is using? The weatherman's prediction was wrong, yet he held an argument the previous day that convinced us. This is the type of complex argument that scientists use to convinced us of the many tragedies, to include global warming.

Now when we go through elementary and high school we start learning science; but when we get out of school, most of us simply don't have the inclination to understand advanced science. What I suggest is that the scientists create a brand new science that will enable lay man to do his own experiments, analyze data given to him and come to his own conclusion. Do I think many people will be convinced that global warming is happening through this technique? Yes it will sway some opinions. And we will have the facts to understand and take action.

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Pictures Speak A Thousand Words 02.Jul.2006 06:30

a scientist

See An Inconvenient Truth.

Science? Just ask anyone over 35. 02.Jul.2006 07:36


Remember ankle deep snows in Portland?

I'll tell you why 02.Jul.2006 14:57

Fred Bauer

It's not that the science is complex, it's because there's big bucks trying to convince the public otherwise, the same forces that made the public think that going into Iraq was a good idea and that 911 was the work of Islamic terrorists.

The science behind global warming is straightforward and the evidence is clear. Greenhouse gases trap heat. Greenhouse gases increase and the heat increases. What's the problem? Everybody would understand this if not for the propaganda artists who want people to believe that there is some complex controversy.

website for non-specialists 02.Jul.2006 15:01



This is a very informative site organized by climate researchers.

ok let me make it clearer 02.Jul.2006 21:17


republicans are far less likely to watch an inconvenient truth...

sun HOT, Ozone GOING... Ice MELTING! 06.Jul.2006 02:22


I remember reading my very first article on ozone depletion way back in 1972. I was 12 years old.

I can picture GW Bush with his fingers in his ears "la,la,la,la,la..." I can't here your CRAZY science talk. More likely back in '72 Bush was busy buy beer for all his buddies...

Just in case there is confusion with all the "science talk" here is a summary: SUN very hot, OZONE very thin, Ice caps MELTING vet quickly. World weather CHANGING. The change is BAD for people. Even bad for REPUBLICANS.

Even simpler: Grok no want world to end, Grok love LIFE, Groks children love life. Grok no want to die yet.

Are they praying for global weather change on the 700 club? This isn't going to into another one of those stupid the "Rapture" is coming fantasies is it?