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PCASC and IWW have moved into Liberty Hall

and their havin' a party.
The Portland chapter of the the Industrial Workers of the World and Portland Central America Solidarity Committee are the new lease holders of Liberty Hall. To celebrate this special occasion a BBQ will be held at the Hall, begining at 3PM on Saturday July 1st. Be warned that there will be meat being cooked, but vegans and vedgetarians are welcome as well. Clowns and bands are as yet unconfirmed. Liberty Hall in located at 311 N Ivy St., one block south of Fremont at Williams Ave.
Question for IWW 01.Jul.2006 11:08


Cool to hear about the new location, and I would like to join the celebration. However, I have a question first. I have been a supporter of the wobblies for a long, long time. I am still a wobblie at heart, but I have a question for the Portland chapter of the IWW. Is anyone ever going to apologize for helping the state to take down a small, green, local business owned by a fellow Portland activist who has more than earned our respect? I'm speaking, of course, about the fiasco over Calendula.

I am not writing this to stir up a flame war, and I am not meaning to show disrespect toward Portland Wobblies. I love many of you, and truly respect the work that you have done. But I believe that a mistake was made in attacking Craig Rosebraugh, and I would love to see someone acknowledge that and take the responsibility for what happened. I think it would be a healing gesture for our entire community. It's very hard out here for those of us who feel kin and connection with both sides, and it would be really great if someone could acknowledge that what was done to Craig by the Portland IWW was shitty. I never want to see Portland activists undermining each other like that again. It was truly appalling to watch as seemingly well-meaning people jumped onto a bandwagon that got rolling under the power of far less well-meaning people. The police state was relentlessly interested in seeing Craig Rosebraugh brought down in some manner. They hatched plots both petty and nefarious in their desire to shake down an effective activist who spoke for the earth. It was ridiculous to watch, but I never, ever thought I would see fellow activists turning on him like that, falling in with the oppressor and attacking him like vultures. I never thought it would be someone from our own side who shot the last arrow.

It's one thing to make a mistake. That, we can all forgive and move on from. But to do this and then never acknowledge it? That's very, very hard to forgive, and even harder to move forward after. For the record, I am not a personal friend of Craig Rosebraugh -- I hardly even know him. But I know his work, and I know that he has always stood in solidarity with Portland activists. I know that he thumbed his nose at the police state, even at great personal risk. And I know that Calendula is gone, and that the Portland IWW attacked him unnecessarily. I know that at least one wobblie had a personal axe to grind, and did not mind dipping into the dark side to gain satisfaction. And, I know that a lot of well-meaning people allowed themselves to be swept up in this, and used in a manner that the police state specializes in. I know it's not always easy to know what the right thing is, but now that you know this was not the right thing to do, it's time to apologize. We will forgive you, but you need to apologize. And then, and only then, I will come to celebrate your new location.

new location, but hopefully the same principles! 03.Jul.2006 00:46


I hope that by consolidating into the same space (Liberty Hall) already actively being used for many other progressive events, that IWW will be able to better use its resources where they count. Congratulations! I hope the housewarming party was a success.

IWW has always stood for the uncompromising defense of working class interests. That is a most rare and principled stand to take in our society. So long as it remains faithful to that principle, it has nothing to apologize for in my book!