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I'm Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greetings to all my friends, comrades, supporters and everyome else in the cyber world!
I was released from prison yesterday.

This is really fucking with my head!

I'm giddy and happy and just about ready to lose my fucking mind.


Love ya!
Yippeeeeeee!!! 30.Jun.2006 22:31

Gumby Cascadia

big hugs, bro....

welcome back to the outside prison 01.Jul.2006 04:42


welcome back. you may note that you have left a fisk tank to discover that the fish tank was in a cage. but all in all welcome back.

welcome back to the surface, brother 01.Jul.2006 08:51


sometimes it doesn't seem real that the shitstem actually let a warrior go. best wishes to ya, roblosricos.

Welcome Back!! 01.Jul.2006 15:02

banderín negro

Hugs and good wishes for ya, back with us on a longer chain and in a much, much bigger cage...!
ˇhasta victoria!

Welcome Home Buddy! 08.Jul.2006 08:54

Sixpack wabc@mutualaid.org

I thought you'd never leave those DOC ingrates alone! Don't forget me when you get into p-town!