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African Artist Shows in Oldtown/Chinatown First Thursday

Modou Dieng was born in Dakar, Senegal and recently graduated from the San Francisco Art institute.
He is showing at Hovercraft, a new alternative gallery/proformance space on Thursday, July 6th.
Hi everyone,
I apologize for hasty timing of this email, but we just set up this
show and believe it to be important to the Portland art scene.
Attached are the postcards for this event, and a picture of my brother
and I, who run the Hovercraft gallery. Our July 6th First Thursday
show will be featuring Modou Dieng, a native of Dakar, Senegal, whom
just graduated from the UCSF MFA program.

Hovercraft: about us

My brother and have been running an alternative gallery/performance space in the
Everett st. lofts for four months with the mission of bringing the
ruckus to first Thursdays.I believe we're doing something new and
important, and our crowds and energy have been on the upward swing.
Our goal is to get scenesters who don't care about visual art to see
it want to try it, but also to expose first Thursday regulars to fresh faced
Portland bands. Beer and wine is the sometimes the glue that holds
this together. the lastthree openings have been wildly successful.
Come check us out! Thanks for your time,


homepage: homepage: http://www.hovercraftproductions.com
address: address: 328 NW Broadway #114