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Sandy Mountain Days, July 6th through 8th

I suppose, if there is any interest in organized protest, it should be mentioned here. Fouad of course deserves a great turnout.
Given the previous lack of interest on the part of our public officials (DA, Sheriff, etc.) it probably serves little purpose, especially if any advanced notice is given, but I would hope that folks who feel the urge would show up individually, to voice protest without support(spend no money there). Actually, individuals, in independent little enclaves, can make a lot more noise, be seen by a lot more folks, and make more of an impression. The "respectable" folks, in their respectable togs, tend to lend more effect to suburban demos than do the "radicals" from the inner city, even though the latter usually go to a lot more effort to get there, and do it with a minimum impact on the environment (bike, hike, hitchhike, bus, etc).
Let's make it known that we do not accept the grand jury's verdict, that it is somehow o.k. to torture, then kill, an injured, burned, unarmed, naked man.
We could also let them know that Carlos Rubio was not just another marginalized poor person who nobody cares about.
10 months 30.Jun.2006 14:02


On July 8th, it will have been ten months since Fouad Kaady was murdered by Sandy policeman Bergin.

Record everything 30.Jun.2006 14:48


Bring video cams, still cams,
and friendly lawyers as witnesses
in case Sandy PD wants to play macho-men on the citizenry.

Where and when? 01.Jul.2006 10:46


I heard what happened to Fouad Kaady, and I will never spend a cent in Sandy until the chief has been replaced and the Sandy officer who did it is gone, one way or another. I would like to participate in something out there, if I am welcome to do so by the people who live in Sandy. But it is a long way for me to travel, and I don't really know the area. So can someone give me some idea of where I should go, and when? What is Sandy Mountain Days? I heard there is a parade. Should I go to that? When is it? Or is there some other event that I should attend? Also, can someone who is from Sandy post and let me know if Sandy folks are planning to do anything? How can those of us from out of town help?