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International Day of Action against Climate Chaos and the G8: Hello Cascadia?!?!?

It's not too late to organize Cascadia!

July 15th International Day of Action against Climate Change: UPDATES and AGITPROP!

The July 15th, 2006 International Day of Direct Action against Climate
Change and the G8 < link to rtc.revolt.org
July 15th International Day of Action against Climate Change and the Group of 8: UPDATES and

The July 15th, 2006 International Day of Direct Action against Climate
Change and the G8 < http://rtc.revolt.org/> is just around the corner -- and
already we're amazed by the scale of the decentralized autonomous action
that people across the world are planning in response to and solidarity with
the July 15th Call to Action for Climate Justice< http://rtc.revolt.org/node/123>

From the streets of St. Petersburg, Russia to the indigenous road blockades
at Grassy Narrows, Canada, from the frontlines against coal in revolutionary
Venezuela to the struggle for mountain justice in southern Appalachia, an
onward again into the streets of Washington, DC -- the magnitude of actions
and events that will be happening this July 15th is truly inspiring! A list
of July 15th gatherings, convergences, actions and events (the ones we know
about) is appended below.

But it's not enough -- more people must mobilize more actions in more
places! On June 22nd, 2006, the International Energy Agency warned in a
report commissioned by the G8 that *emissions of climate-changing carbon
dioxide could more than double by 2050 to 58 billion tons, if unchecked. "We
can find a sustainable energy future but it's not the case with the current
trends. We're very far from that,"* said IEA executive director Claude
Mandil. On June 14th, the scientific academies of all the G8 countries,
along with China, Brazil, India and South Africa, published a joint
statement warning of "very serious difficulties related to sustainability
and security of energy." Martin Rees, president of the Royal Society, the UK
national academy of science, and one of the statement's signatories said, *"It
is vital that the global threat of climate change...be considered. The need
for action has never been more pressing."*

Which is why we're here! When we hear high-ranking scientists and
conservative energy officials speaking so candidly about the climate crisis
and the urgency of action needed, yet the G8 countries keep on pushing for
trillions of dollars of NEW investments in the fossil fuel industries
causing the problem, we understand that climate catastrophe cannot be
prevented with anything less than mass movements and savvy saboteurs taking
direct action to shut down oil refineries, gas pipelines, road expansions,
strip mines and coal-fired power plants in all of the G8 countries -- and
simultaneously in the 180+ countries that the G8 dominates, too.

And that's why Rising Tide North America is here -- to help folks everywhere
build this movement! As promised, we have a number of new resources
available, and we're pleased to share them with you...

*Outreach and Agitprop!* We have a four page zine for the July 15th Day of
Action against Climate Change and the
G8< link to reclaimthecommons.net...
And a
quarter-page handbill< link to reclaimthecommons.net...
An eight
page cutting-edge analysis of Climate Justice and New Directions in Radical
Ecological Action < http://www.widely.com/bri/action&biodiversity.pdf>
... A two-sided
flyer that explains why the Kyoto Protocol is "Too little, too
late"< http://www.widely.com/bri/Kyoto.pdf>... And even an
article about July 15th published in the Summer 2006 edition of Slingshot
Magazine. < http://rtc.revolt.org/node/262> It's all available for free in
the Outreach! sidebar at www.rtc.revolt.org.

*Translations!* We also have translations of the July 15th Call to Action
for Climate Justice into Spanish, Russian, Portugese, French, Italian,
Dutch, German, Norwegian, Finnish and Greek! But we're always looking for
more translations. Do you speak Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, or any
other languages that are missing from the translations we have? If you do,
please help us be more *international* by translating the July 15th Call to
Action and sending the new translation to us at  efclimatecaucus@wildmail.comor
 reclaimthecommons@gmail.com. Then we'll post it along with the others in the
Translations! sidebar (underneath Outreach!) at www.rtc.revolt.org.

*** July 2006 Climate Justice Convergences and Gatherings **
1) Maracaibo, Venezuela: July 10-15
2) Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia: July 8 - 15
3) Grassy Narrows, Canada: July 10 - 16
4) Southern Indiana, USA: July 8 - 15
5) Wisconsin, USA: July 14 - 16
6) Washington, DC, USA: July 9 - 16
7) Southern Appalachia, USA: July 3 - 15 (Southwest Virginia and Asheville,
North Carolina)*

*1) Maracaibo, Venezuela: July 10 - 15, 2006 -- No al Carbon! (No to
Coal) *A coalition of indigenous, community and student activists are
planning five
days of events for July 10-15, at every university, and other cultural
centers around town. Details beyond that are slim and we are awaiting the
grand announcement / manifesto of the events and campaign so it may be
translated it and the two versions posted on www.rtc.revolt.org. Background:
Over half of Venezuela's indigenous people belong to the Way˙u ethnic group,
and ens of thousands of Way˙u also live to the north and northwest of
Maracaibo. Coal-mining in northwestern Venezuela near the border with
Colombia "has brought deforestation, polluted the rivers and air, and caused
sickness among many of our brothers and sisters. The mining companies must
leave," says Way˙u activist ┴ngela Gonzßlez. For each ton of coal removed,
between four and seven tons of earth, gravel and sediment must be stripped
away - devastation that not only threatens the habitat of indigenous people
in the northwest but also the sources of the rivers that carry water to
Maracaibo, the country's second-largest city. To learn more about the
indigenous fight against mountain-top removal coal-mining in Venezuela :
 http://www.globalresponse.org/slideshow.php --
 http://ouroil.org(cutting-edge documentary film on impacts of oil and
coal in Venezuela).
Contact efclimatecaucus(AT)wildmail.com for more information.

*2) Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia: July 8 - 15, 2006 -- Alternative
Libertarian Form, Russian Social Forum, and Actions protesting the 2006 G8
Summit.* ** There will be a libertarian forum in Moscow July 8-12 as a build
up event for protests in St. Petersburg, where the 2006 G8 Summit is
happening July 15 - 17. The main theme of the libertarian forum will be
energy issues, and plans of the G8 for a nuclear power renaissance. For the
G8, "energy security" means guaranteeing access of the leading industrial
countries to natural resources, and diversification of exploitation of
limited resources - thus nuclear energy is now an important topic for them.
Problems such as lack of any long-term solutions with nuclear waste are
ignored. Libertarian forum will consist of discussion, trainings and
seminars. Actions, press-conference, concert and movie screenings are also
planned. Food Not Bombs has promised to provide food to forum. More info:
 http://www.rtc.revolt.org/node/238 ** July 11th to 15th in St. Petersburg,
reformist organizations - trade union, human rights and left movements -
will convene the Second Russian Social Forum (RSF). ** A number of activists
of the Anarchist and Autonomist movements in Russia have united into the
Network Against G8 (SPB8). One of its principles is to refuse cooperation
with reformists in preparation for protest actions during the G8 Summit.
Moscow activists of SPB8 concentrated their efforts on organizing
Alternative Libertarian Forum in Moscow. ** Protest actions opposing the G8
will be decided depending on the number and the opinion of the comrades who
come. As a minimal program we can suggest forming an Anarchist block at the
RSF demonstration on July 15th - with our outspoken refusal to propose any
reformist slogans and demands (as the problem for us is not the particular
decisions taken by G8 but the very existence of all government
institutions). ** 15th of July 2006 - Common demonstration of the left and
opposition against politics of the G8 in St. Petersburg, organized by the
Russian Social Forum. ** 14th of July 2006 - Global Day of Action ** In many
cities of the world there will be protests against neo-liberal politics of
the G8. Those who may not come to St. Petersburg, may organize solidarity
actions in their cities and villages. ** For more information!
 link to spb8.net *

*3) Grassy Narrows, Canada: July 10 - 16, 2006 -- Earth Justice Gathering*.
The fight to defend the Earth's forests from corporate clearcut logging is a
frontline battle against global warming. On December 2nd 2002, the
indigenous youth of Grassy Narrows lay down in the path of industrial
logging trucks - blocking access to their traditional lands and sparking
what is now the longest standing indigenous blockade in Canada. ** This
summer the Rainforest Action Network and ForestEthics invite you to a week
of workshops, trainings, stories, campfires, feasting, music and action at
the Grassy Narrows blockade. Let's join together to support this visionary
action, deepen our understanding of the issues, and build the bonds between
indigenous land struggles and the environmental movement. ** Although the
blockade still stands strong, logging companies Weyerhaeuser and Abitibi are
still destroying parts of Grassy Narrows' traditional lands, and the
McGuinty government refuses to address the growing crisis of unresolved
native land rights conflicts and habitat destruction in the great northern
Boreal forest. ** We are working closely with community leaders from Grassy
Narrows who have invited supporters of social, economic, and ecological
justice to support their blockade and to bring the action into the stores
where this wood is sold, the legislatures where the laws are passed, the
board rooms where the decisions are made, and to broad public attention in
the media. Let's answer their call. ** Transportation is being arranged from
key regions to Grassy Narrows (near Kenora Ontario, Canada). Gas subsidies
will be provided to people who bring a full vehicle. ** Expected Workshops:
# Nonviolent Direct Action # Decolonization # Native Land Rights # Activist
Legal Defence # Traditional Stories # Boreal Ecology # Tree Climbing # Media
Activism # Creative Resistance # Forest Defence Tactics and Strategies For
more information, logistical details and updates check out: FreeGrassy.org,
WheresMcGuinty.ca and Please Contact: * Northern First Nations: Jocelyn
Cheechoo - jocelyn(AT)ran.org* Toronto and Southern Ontario: Kim Fry -
kimf(AT)forestethics.org * Thunder Bay and Northern Ontario: Damien Lee -
connectwithdamien(AT)gmail.com * Winnipeg and Manitoba: Shelagh -
cuban_cigarra(AT)hotmail.com * Wisconsin and Minnisota: Bob Poeschl -

*4) Southern Indiana, USA: July 8 - 15 -- Freedom From Oil Action Camp*.
Join the Ruckus Society, Rainforest Action Network, Global Exchange, Oil
Change International and Energy Action for the most awe-inspiring 5-day
retreat of your life: Freedom from Oil Action Camp!!! FULL SCHOLARSHIPS ARE
AVAILABLE!!! ** America now devours twenty-five percent of the planet's
petroleum. Our dependence spawns resource wars that breed hatred and put our
young people in harm's way. It wreaks chaos with our climate, creating
Super-Storms that take thousands of lives and destroy communities. It
threatens front-line indigenous communities who live in oil-rich regions
around the world. ** The Freedom from Oil Action Camp will bring a wide
range of oil, climate and clean energy activists together to build the
essential skills, tools and grassroots capacity to challenge the core of
America's oil addiction and to discuss the impacts of our addiction,
including climate change, human rights abuses, illness, environmental
injustice, oil politics, and others. ** And after the Action Camp, stay in
southern Indiana and put these skills into practice with action for climate
justice on July 15! *Curriculums and Trainings Include * - Climate Justice -
Strategic Campaigning - Media & Communications Training - Action Climbing
Techniques - Direct Action Imagery - Internet/Digital Activism - Community
Organizing - Action Planning & Strategy - Sit Ins, Blockades & Support Roles
- Banner Construction & Rigging - Political Theater - Legal Considerations
for Direct Action *Apply online now for Freedom From Oil Action Camp!
www.ruckus.org * Contact FreedomFromOil(AT)ruckus.org and
ItsTimeToRiseUp(AT)gmail.com for more information.

*5) Spring Green, Wisconsin, July 14 - 16, 2006 -- Global Warming Solutions
Weekend Retreat*: Stop Global Warming, Clean Up Coal Plants, Support Clean
Energy, Build the Movement! The Midwest is America's heartland and
responsible for 20% of the CO2 pollution in the United States and 5% of the
CO2 pollution in the world. Join a weekend organizing and skills training
workshop, and lend your voice to the powerful social movement to stop global
warming . The weekend workshop will include Midwest leaders working on clean
energy development initiatives to reduce pollution; scientists who study the
ecological impacts of global warming; and community leaders who lead
campaigns to reduce pollution. Connections with other activists will be made
and strengthened. Each participant will gain tools to build and strengthen
clean energy and coal plant clean-up campaigns in their community. Register
to attend: www.greenhousenet.org. Contact: Eban Goodstein,

*6) Washington, DC, July 9 - 16 -- ** Reclaim Our Fate! People's Summit on
Climate, Energy and Global Justice ** Gr8 Eight Days of Resistance to the
G8's Great Greed! *** Come to Washington, DC, during the week of July 9-16
leading up to and during the 2006 G8 Summit. Let's show the world that
popular resistance to the G8's imperial "energy security" schemes is active
and intense! There ARE limits to capitalist consumption, and we're gonna
TEST the G8 war criminals and their corporate cronies with a detoxifying
blast of surprise direct action tactics. Although this year the G8 is
meeting thousands of miles away in Russia, there is so much that we can
accomplish, in solidarity with protests there and all over the world, here
in Washington, DC, the political and economic nerve center of G8 global
domination. ** The Convergence starts July 9th, 12 noon at the People's
Media Center and AlFishawy Cafe, with the Reclaim Our Fate! People's Summit
on Climate, Energy and Global Justice (4132 Georgia Avenue, NW Washington DC
(between Upshur & Taylor, 3 blocks North of Petworth metro Station on the
green line, Bus #70/71/62/64) ** Workshops on ~ Climate Science 101 and
Direct Action Strategies to stop Climate Catastrophe ~ Mountain Justice
Struggle to save Southern Appalachia's Mountains from Mountaintop Removal
Coal Mining ~ Energy Alternatives that Don't Suck ~ For Global Justice,
Against War: Linking Our Movements, Before It's Too Late! # Trainings on
Legal and Know-Your-Rights ~ Health & Safety ~ Direct Action Tactics #
Action Spokes Council Meeting (6:30 pm) and Benefit Concert (8 pm -
midnight) after the Teach-In! More info:  http://rtc.revolt.org/node/252 **
During the July 10-16 Week of Resistance to the G8 we will support creative
demonstrations in DC called and mobilized by the Arctic Indigenous Alliance,
against a Canadian exhibition on tar sands at the Smithsonian Folk Life
DC:  http://rtc.revolt.org/node/261 # Come to the July 9th action spokes
council meeting because this and other actions, inluding the July 15th Day
of Action for Climate Justice, will be decided there!! ** Critical Mass July
14th with possible action after the bike ride. ** For more details and
updates, visit www.rtc.revolt.org. Contact reclaimthecommons(AT)gmail.com

*7) Southern Appalachia, USA: July 3 - 15 -- Earth First! Round River
Rondezvous in southwestern Virginia, and Post-Rondy Actions*. This
Rondezvous will be the location of the second meeting of the Earth First!
Climate Caucus which was born in the swamps of south Florida at the winter
EF! Organizer's Conference. For those of you interested in organizing a kick
ass direct action campaign against climate change, this is the place to be!
** What else will be going on at the Rondy? We've got a jam packed week of
workshops, skillshares, hiking, swimming, and howlin' around the fire in
store for you. ** This year's Rondezvous will be held in the coal bearing
mountains that straddle the Kentucky-Virginia border. That's right, we'll be
camping in King Coal's backyard. Don't worry we're not going to make you
camp in an abandoned strip mine, there is still plenty of beautiful
untouched wilderness in these parts. ** With that said, we really are hoping
to use this Rondezvous to turn up the heat on the coal companies tearing
apart our mountains. We're planning mine site tours so that you can see
first hand what King Coal is doing to our land. We'll also be having lots of
locals stopping by to tell you their stories of the terror they live in
under the wrath of coal companies, as well as their resistance to them. **
Some of the workshops to be held are: stealth and evasion, edible and
medicinal plant walks, fighting Plan Puebla Panama, Deep Ecology, I-69, hunt
sabbing, sexism in the movement, state repression and prisoner support,
primitive living skills, history of resistance in Appalachia, among
countless others. ** And after the Rondezvous, some people will go home to
mobilize actions against climate change in their own communities and
bioregions -- but many will also stay in southern Appalachia for actions
against climate criminals here, chief among them King Coal! A new coal-fired
power plant is on the drawing board in southwest Virginia, and it's time for
action to stop it! ** Directions to the Rondezvous:
 http://www.rtc.revolt.org/node/249 ** Rideboard and info about stuff you
should bring to the Rondy, etc:  http://www.katuahearthfirst.org

*ALSO IN SOUTHERN APPALACHIA * Anybody's and Everybody's First Annual
Community Bike Festival * ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA * Saturday, July 15th,
2PM-6PM Bring bikes, family and friends to: Aston Park (corner of French
Broad and Hilliard, by tennis courts) Free community bike festival. Family
friendly. Ongoing bike repair and workshops, discussions about alternative
energy, public transportation, and more! Resist climate change and the G8!
Critical Mass ride to follow Info:  ashevillebikefestival@yahoo.com828-713-2111

*Join the Rising Tide North America network! Endorse the July 15th
International Day of Direct Action against Climate Change and the G8! Tell
us about July 15th actions for climate justice being planned in your
community or bioregion! Contact us at  efclimatecaucus@wildmail.com.*

*Get more information and updates about July 15th international actions
against climate change, plus news and links about additional global
resistance against the 2006 G8 Summit from July 14th to 17th! Go to