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Gaza under attack... Syria fights back

Take a look at the coverage in todays and yesterday's Middle East Special coverage in the Guardian
and especially this one 30.Jun.2006 08:12


Israeli gov't & military out of control 30.Jun.2006 09:34


This week the Israeli's have bombed the electrical generating plant and several bridges, so that over a million Palestinians are now without power and restoring this infrastructure may take months.

All (they claim) to encourage the return of Shalit. This is horrific for the people in Gaza.

Yet, you hardly hear a peep of protest from any quarter.


more horrific accounts of this genocide 30.Jun.2006 12:09


and here is more international response 30.Jun.2006 12:10


Palestinian governmental officials begin nonviolent hunger strike 30.Jun.2006 12:13


From the moment of their arrest, Palestinian governments begins nonviolent hunger strike

(Bethlehem) Najib Farag 30 June 06

Palestinian human rights organization sources are reporting identical information regarding the immediate call to a nonviolent hunger strike upon the arrest of Palestinian government officials.

Israeli forces arrested some 38 members of Palestinian government, including eight Palestinian Legislative Council members. However referring to this as "arrest" is difficult as it is for the over 10,000 Palestinian political prisoners' currently in Israeli jails. These are more accurately referred to as "kidnappings," as is being done regionally in the case of the elected government officials.

The Palestinian Prisoner Society issued a statement denouncing these political arrests, as the Israeli government has been engaging in for years, regarding people in the prisons as bargaining chips. The Society reported that political prisoners in Israeli jails must be released in order to alleviate the current crisis.

Israeli forces took more than 80 elected Palestinian government officials from the Hamas party to its prisons after the Hamas resistance wing asked to exchange a captured Israeli soldier with the women and children in Israeli prisons.

pocket rocket strikes again 01.Jul.2006 05:34


And Democrats and Republicans have alredy reloaded the Zionists bombs and missles. And the military industrial complex makes more money from US taxes.