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HOPE Health Care initiative and my petitioning experience

I went petitioning in my neighborhood tonight and the response was extremely positive.
The HOPE initiative is a proposed Amendment to the Oregon Constitution that would make access to health care a basic right. It gives the legislature until the year 2009 to adopt a plan that would ensure all Oregonians had access to health care.

They need 100,840 valid signatures make the ballot. They have well over 80,000 but they have just a week to collect the remaining number and it will be very close. HELP is needed if we want to see this on the ballot come November.

I committed to helping collect some signatures but hadn't helped yet. So I picked up the envelope that had been sitting on my desk for months and went and talked to my neighbors tonight about signing the petition.

I was out less than an hour and collected 12 signatures from my neighbors. I got to meet some cool folks who recently moved in and talked to a few neighbors about starting a tool sharing group. The response was extremely positive and I plan to at least 38 more by Monday. That would be 50 signatures to help the cause.

I also went to the website today and made a monetary contribution. Since I don't have insurance and am fairly healthy, I try to kick down some money every year to groups working on health care reform.

This is the EASIEST petition I have ever carried. Especially approaching progressive folks here in Portland.

Check out their website at www.HopeOregon.org. If you want to help, NOW is the time. It will all be over in one week. Just get a sheet and make sure everyone you meet this weekend has signed. That alone would probably give you 20 signatures and would certainly help the campaign.

It is going to be close. Don't let all the time and effort invested in this cause go to waste.

HOPE for Oregon Families
712 NW. Spring Ave.
Portland, OR 97229
Just a few days left 03.Jul.2006 09:05

Brian the Green

If you want to see this on the ballot go get some signature sheets, walk you neighborhood for one hour and then turn them in by Wed. so they can be counted. Every last one helps. NOW IS THE TIME!

We Had Similar Experiences 05.Jul.2006 05:18

John T. Schwiebert john@metanoiaumc.org

Our small church (Metanoia Peace Community United Methodist) decided to help collect signatures for the HOPE Initiative #40. We set a modest goal of 250 signatures--5 for each of our members/sojourners. Now, several months later we are up to 1,100 signatures,in part because we kept on asking and found many friends (and even strangers) who want to find a universal public solution to the present broken health care delivery system.

503 281-3697
2116 NE 18th Ave., Portland, OR 97212