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So, we're creating a Portland Youth Alliance...

And we want you to get involved! First meeting Monday, July 3!
The name more or less explains it all. The Portland Youth Alliance (tentative name!) will be <b>a union-style organization that works to gain young people more power in school and community decisions</b>. We want the Alliance to be the beginning of a youth empowerment movement in Portland. We believe young people have the <b>right</b> to influence the direction of their schools and community, and through the <b>power-in-numbers</b> of the Alliance, we'll make sure that right is recognized and respected.

We're taking a page from the <a href=" http://www.phillystudentunion.org/main.html">Philadelphia Student Union</a>. Check them out, and imagine the possibilities for Portland...

<b>Our first planning meeting is next Monday -- EVERYONE'S WELCOME!</b>

Monday, July 3, 2006
11:00 am -- 12:30 pm
Common Grounds Coffee House (just west of SE Hawthorne/44th)
Bus 14 stops right in front, and lines 15 and 75 stop within a few blocks. <a href=" http://trimet.org/">Check out Trimet for more info!</a>

<b>As always, you can contact us at:</b>
[phone] 971-222-4153
[email]  intercomproject@gmail.com
[myspace] myspace.com/intercomproject

<i>The Alliance is a project of the Intercom Project. Intercom is interested in cultivating a long-term youth empowerment movement in Portland, and this Alliance is just the first (HUGE) step.</i>

phone: phone: 971-222-4153

sounds 30.Jun.2006 11:18

like a great idea

with one exception

the Native Youth Alliance has been around for some time and done some excellent work. Too much similiarity between the names of Native Youth Alliance and Portland Youth Alliance.

how about taking one more creative step in your endeavors and coming up with a more distinct name..this is the time to do it, while you are still forming

good luck in your work

am i wrong? 30.Jun.2006 17:42


Native Youth Alliance is a national group. Portland is home to the Native American Youth Association.