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Do you need help with your nicotine addiction?

There is a long thread here on smoking so I thought I would offer some help to those interested.
I used to run a company that taught 1000's of Portlanders to stop smoking using a combination of powerful techniques based on rational emotive therapy and cognitive restructuring. I myself used this program 15 years ago to deal with my own 20-year addiction to nicotine. The program used to be offered through every major medical center here in Portland and was known by the names BreatheFree and/or ASPIRE.

Unfortunately we closed in 1998 when the government allowed the pharmaceutical companies to sell nicotine patches and gum as a treatment for nicotine addiction. This makes about as much sense as treating heroin addiction with heroin gum or patches.

I am willing to help you if you want to stop smoking. The approach is simple and effective. It is 180 degrees different than any other program or technique out there and is designed to deal with NICOTINE ADDICTION.

I won't charge a dime for my assistance but I will ask you to contribute the money you save NOT smoking, for 3 to 12 months, to Indymedia or any other Portland area non-profit.

You must call me BEFORE you stop smoking. Don't call me in the midst of withdrawal. The techniques I teach will help you get through withdrawal easily and effectively.

phone: phone: 503-287-1798

thank you so much 29.Jun.2006 16:55

smoked once, thought it disgusting

What an awesome offer. I hope you'll post here with occasional updates about the response and results.

There are drugs that can help you quit. 29.Jun.2006 20:22


This is not a joke. I had a difficult time quitting until I was perscribed a drug that makes smoking intollerable. The drug happens to be an anti-depressant. It's called Zyban (also called Wellbutrin). The drug sucks, but it does help you quit smoking. I took it for a month and during that time, I felt like I was on 20 cups of caffine (which was horrible). Nevertheless, I could not stand smoking while I was on it because I was to stimulated to add yet another stimulant (in fact, I couldn't stand coffee either while on the drug). After about a month, I stopped taking Zyban. Basically, it got me through the first month of not smoking. With no nicotine in my system for that period of time, my desire for nicotine was now sufficiently low that I could resist smoking without the help of Zyban.

Taking this medication is not a walk in the park. You will become an insominiac while on it, but it will help you quit smoking.

drugs to get off drugs? 29.Jun.2006 20:37


This just doesn't make sense to me. Taking one drug to get you off of another. Like with alcohol or drug addiction or food, it's most helpful to address the root causes of the addiction, not to add more layers to it.

Please try to do it without the drugs!

tobacco is not a drug 29.Jun.2006 21:18

forest dweller

Tobacco is a poison....it is a member of the Nightshade family.

Smoking natural tobacco is bad, but it is not addictive.
What makes smoking addictive is the chemicals the Wasicu add to it,
formaldehyde, cyanide, etc.

Tobacco was used for ceremonies, but never inhaled by the Indigenous
peoples of Turtle Island.

Natural plants are not drugs -----drugs are the crap the Wasicu create
by science....chemically created garbage...like Tylenol 3, Prozac,
Aspirin, Wellbrutin, Ritalin, Anti-depressants, etc.

Of course it is a drug 29.Jun.2006 22:01


Most drugs could also be classified as poisons. The majority of drugs that we use today originate from plants, or are synthesized versions of chemicals found in plants. And while it is true that most indigenous peoples of the americas did not smoke tobacco, many did ingest it via other methods, such as inhaling dried powdered leaves, or taking them via an enema, simply so that they could absorb much more nicotine. Nicotine in small quantities is a stimulant, in larger quantaties is a hallucinogen, and in still larger quantities is, of course, deadly.
And just because a plant is a member of the nightshade family, does not mean that it is poisonious, although often this is the case. There are many other members of the nightshade family that are also traditional indegineous drugs, such as morning glory, as well as members that contain non-poisonious food, such as potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplants.

Nicotine is addictive 29.Jun.2006 22:56


I won't go into all the scientific data but nicotine is HIGHLY addictive. (It is considered as addictive as heroin). Believing "natural" tobacco is not addictive is wrong. Tobacco is a poison. It is a natural insecticide. It acts as a systemic poison in the human body. The additives make it worse. But make no mistake, if you roll up an organic tobacco plant and smoke it, the drug that makes it enjoyable is nicotine and the drug that gets you hooked is nicotine.

As far as using Zyban to get off nicotine. It does have some efficacy but it does NOTHING to help the addict long term. If an addict can magically take Zyban and quit smoking, what's to keep them from starting again when all they need to do is use Zyban again? That is one of the reasons the long term success rate with Zyban is under 15 percent.

The method and program I teach has near 70% success rate measured at one year. It doesn't take drugs and is entirely empowering.

Nicotine addiction presents itself to the nicotine addict as a COMPULSION to smoke and an OBSESSION with smoking when not using. Cognitive restructuring and rational emotive therapy will leave you feeling CURED. (You will never actually be cured from being a nicotine addict but the feeling of being CURED is FREEDOM from both the COMPULSION and OBSESSION).

I have helped 1000's of people stop smoking. I did this approach myself. I can give you 100's of personal testimonies.

Having been involved in stop smoking for almost 20 years I've heard every story imaginable about ways to stop smoking. Some people pray, some people use Zyban, some people use the nicotine patch or gum, some chew on sticks, some drink water, some people wake up one day with cancer and never smoke again. All of these work for some people but NONE of them would have worked for my nicotine addiction and none are an effective long term treatment for nicotine addiction.

Lozenges 30.Jun.2006 10:44

Nick O Tine

I chose a date to quit smoking and started chewing nicotine gum. Now I use the lozenges. Lozenges are a totally safe nicotine delivery system because there is no toxic smoke involved. Havent smoked in 10 years.

You're right, Zyban does not work for everyone. 30.Jun.2006 10:46


However, it did work for me. I'm one of that 15%. If you've tried all other methods and failed, then I suggest you try it.

As for the comment that using drugs to get off drugs does not make and sense, I ask you, why doesn't it make sense? The point is to use a non-addictive drug to get you passed the worst part of the withdrawal from the addictive drug and then let you handle the less painful part of the withdrawal (the next month) without assistance. Some of us just need that first month of help and there is nothing wrong with doing it that way if it works for you.

I think few people will want to take Zyban for long. It really sucks. There is nothing pleasant about it. It just makes smoking while you're on it a non-option. I doubt there are any Zyban addicts out there.

Nic o tine 30.Jun.2006 19:01


Can't you see you are still stuck in the addiction? 10 years later you aren't smoking but you are still using lozenges.

I know people who use toothpicks to stop smoking but 10 years later they still chew toothpicks. Yes they have stopped smoking but the OBSESSION and COMPULSION is still present. Does that sound like fun?

The techniques I teach END the compulsion and obsession. Unfortunately, people who use "substitutes" never learn to really let go in my experienced opinion and continue to be miserable ex-smokers for a long time and forever prone to relapse.

The key to long term success and happiness as an ex-smoker is to rid yourself of the obsession and compulsion and to understand the mind's psychological tricks to get you back to using nicotine.

The system I offer is effective and liberating. There is no obligation. There are no gimmicks. I make nothing. You can check it out without making an obligation to stop smoking. I can give you 100's of testimonials from other hardcore smokers. Again, I smoked a pack a day for 20 years and this is the only system that would have helped me.

Nicotine is a poison sold to you by giant corporations. Letting go of this addiction and getting on with your life will be the absolute BEST thing that will probably ever happen to you.

Imagine living your life, as you want it. You can hang out with smokers if you like but that won't make you smoke. You can drink, but that won't make you smoke. You can do whatever you like AND enjoy it without being OBLIGATED to smoke because of your addiction.

Like a "dry drunk" 01.Jul.2006 00:35


Yeah, sort of like Geo. Bush, who's been on a dry drunk for years. He may not use alcohol or drugs anymore (that's debatable, actually) but he still exhibits all the behaviors of an active alcoholic.

this book works 02.Jul.2006 03:10


i quit by reading a book called "the easy way to stop smoking" by alan carr. yes, i know, lame title, but it really worked. he actually stopped smoking using hypnosis, but he gives really straight-forward, practical advice on how to stop. one of them (and probably the main one for many people) is to not drink alcohol while trying to quit.

the cigarette companies really have an ingenious marketing scheme in that they push a product that has absolutely no positive health effects and really does kill you; yet they make you want it. although i haven't seen it yet, i would probably also recommend the movie "thank you for smoking" which details the life of a cigarette lobbyest.

This book works? 02.Jul.2006 08:38


Everyone has advice to stop smoking. Some people even write books. Most of the advice I hear is LAME and not effective in the treatment of NICOTINE ADDICTION.

Are heroin addicts advised to watch movies about drug pushers?

Drinking alcohol does NOT make you smoke. What makes nicotine addicts smoke is the obsession and compulsion caused by nicotine addiction.

Well meaning books will tell smokers to stop drinking coffee, stop hanging out with their smoking friends, stop going to their favorite places as if the TRIGGERS to smoke make one smoke.

TRIGGERS do not make smokers smoke. And who wants to be an ex-smoker if you have to change your life and can't do the things you enjoy?

The method I am willing to share is simple, effective and does not rely on gimmicks. It will leave the smoker FREE from the compulsion and obsession to smoke.

I have yet to have anyone call but this is an ongoing, unadvertised offer. I am always willing to help nicotine addicts break free from the expensive, deadly and corporate supplied drug.


actually, the book really does work 03.Jul.2006 19:19


i know it's in yr best interest to trash "the easy way to stop smoking" since that's, like, yr thing and all, but don't knock it till you read it. it actually does NOT use gimmicks to help you stop. the drinking thing was just one line in the book, and it's really true (i think). anyway, the author of this book despises gimmicks and, like you, specifically says that if you try gimmicks it won't work. who knows, maybe yr techniques are the same. in the book he advises you to keep smoking throughout and by time you are done reading it, you will never want one of those gross, fithy, expensive, ridiculous things again.

In my best interest? 06.Jul.2006 12:26


What would I possibly have to gain? I am voluntering my time to help smokers. This is a one time offer and I receive nothing beyond personal satisfaction.

The fact that smoking is gross, filthy and expensive is not an effective treatment.

I'll take issue with one comment of yours from the book that is entirely contrary to the method I teach and what I know about nicotine addiction:

I am not aware of ANYTHING that can take away the addict's desire to WANT nicotine. That would truly be a magic bullet because if there were no desire, there would be no problems, substitutions or relapse. If the desire were gone, end of problem.

With the approach I teach, the desire for nicotine will go latent, and will eventually go away for all practical purposes. However, once someone is addicted, the desire to smoke can pop up at anytime and how one deals with that desire is the difference between success (remaining a comfortable ex-smoker) and failure (relapsing back to eventually being a miserable smoker).

With my approach, smokers learn to embrace desires to smoke. They are nothing to fear and nothing to run away from. Using repression (trying to think of something else, distraction, etc.) or substitutions (food, toothpicks, exercise, etc.) to get rid of the desire simply ensures the desire will return, usually stronger than before. That is why those approaches don't work.

I have had one person take me up on my offer. When this rolls off the bottom the offer will be closed.

If you are a smoker or know someone who is, there is nothing to lose by calling. You will learn powerful techniques that will help make stopping smoking easier than it has ever been.

There are two huge lies that smokers tell themselves that keep them trapped and miserable. Learn how to counter these lies using rational emotive therapy and cognitive restructuring and you are half way home.