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An Open Letter to the Media

Dear Media: You've been played like a '59 GoldTop. Now what?
Dear Media,

I hope you all enjoy lying in that bed you've made.

All those years of making excuses for George W. Bush's ineptness, inadequacies, and illegalities have earned you absolutely nothing. You brushed aside his lack of experience and intellectual incuriosity in 1999 and 2000, mostly because you didn't like Al Gore. Your behavoir gave him a much better position from which to steal the 2000 election.

You bought the spin from Bush's minions, ignoring the crisis that was taking place in Florida after the election. You believed every lie they came up with, from 'The votes have been counted and re-counted and re-counted' to 'Al Gore is trying to steal the election,' and you decided that letting Bush take office (in the most literal sense possible) was 'best for the country.'

You papered over the fact that he was scared out of his mind on September 11, 2001 - to the point where he flew to Idaho to hide - in favor of painting him as a 'resolute leader.' You swallowed, hook, line, and sinker, every lie that came out of the White House in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq - in many cases embellishing the lies to make them sound more plausible.

You let the elite members of your profession use their positions as opinion-shapers to shove cooked intelligence down the throats of the American public. You placed that cooked intel on the front pages of every newspaper and magazine in the country, and you played that cooked intelligence at the top of every hour on your cable news outlets.

You never once asked, 'Where is Osama bin Laden?'

You followed him, with your TV cameras, to every single place he went to vent his spleen about terrorists, giving him hours and hours of free face time to repeat his lies. You ignored that people were being arrested for speaking against him, that his audiences were hand-picked, that protestors were being put in pens at great distances from every venue in which he ever appeared.

You bought 'Mission Accomplished' by the pound. You cleared the shelves of 'shock and awe,' exhausted the stocks of 'smokin' 'em out,' drank gallons and gallons of GOP Brand Kool-Aid. You 'embedded' youselves with the military and took everything the military told you at face value - even if it directly contradicted reality as we know it.

You reported staged events like the toppling of Saddam Hussein's statue as if they were real news events. And even after the American public started to wise up and wipe the terra-dust from their eyes, you still insisted upon calling him a 'popular president.'

You helped his employees ruin the reputations of fine men who served this country honorably - letting them compare a man who gave three limbs in service to this country with Osama bin Laden. You took a highly-decorated war veteran - you know, the kind of person that you all love to say you 'support' and 'honor' - and ran his reputation into the mud, somehow making his exemplary service seem shameful.

You justified Bush's expansion of executive power to the point where we don't even need Congress, giving them their new job of stage managers for completely meaningless staged events like the Terri Schiavo fiasco or railing against gay marriage and making sure nobody burns an American flag or dares utter the words that Iraq is bleeding us dry, killing our kids and destroying our reputation as 'the good guys,' worldwide.

You made excuses for his illegal spying on the American people. You offered weak justifications for his naked power grab, you laughed off the fact that his second-in-command shot a man in the face.

You made Ann Coulter socially acceptable.

And after all this, Bush and Cheney and Congress and Coulter and every wingnut pundit, whom you've coddled and accomodated every step of the way, show their appreciation how?

They want to muzzle you. They want to imprison you. They want to try you for treason.

Listen up, Rubes. You think that for the past six years you've been part of their crowd, but you haven't. You got suckered, flim-flammed, taken in, jacked, jobbed and jerked around. They took your lunch money. They came in your mouth after promising they wouldn't.

They used you, and now they want to jail you.

I'd feel bad for you, but you know what they say about lying down with dogs. You really should have known better - but nobody ever said you had to be especially smart to be part of the media, and you're all living proof of that fact.

They fucked you. Now, are you gonna fuck back? You might want to consider it.

Love, Stranger

Lots more really good stuff at  http://www.MakeThemAccountable.com
fantastic open letter to the media 29.Jun.2006 11:39

ward cleaver

Thanks for posting that letter to the media.


Joe Anybody

Good Letter
You left out giving the media credit for helping promote
"Our Wonderful World Of USA Sponsored Torture"

At this point I am not sure who screwed up this country more?
The Neocons or The Corporate Media?


"The truth will set you free, but first it's going to piss you off"

Thanks Stranger

popular president ? 29.Jun.2006 19:46

Converse Murdoch umlaut@idir.net

A quote from CNN a coupla years ago:

"Sources close to the White House say President Bush's approval ratings are expected to top 72% and if they do he'll be the most popular President of all time. "

A quote from a local TV news station a long time ago:

" Inside industry sources say The Flintstones (the movie) is expected to gross seven million dollars the first weekend alone and if it does it will be the biggest blockbuster of all time."

The media must have a textbook for fabricating bullshit.

They aren't a bunch of chumps that have been duped. They're taking orders from the same management that congress is. They're really quite devious. This tift between the govt. and the media is a ruse to make it look like the media is doing it's job.

It's like Alex jones says: " It's all theater with these guys. "

why - do you think? 29.Jun.2006 20:07

J Putz

The same creeps who put Bush in office are the ones who own and manage the media.
This side show of muzzling (themselves) is simply to stifle any dissent while
making sure their version of the truth gets to the people.
"Truths" like good (god) vs evil.
"Truths" like commandoes vs terrorists.
"Truths" like pre-emptive vs attack.
"Truths" like liberation Vs occupation.
"Truths" like p.o.w. vs hostage.

CNN got your message Stranger 01.Jul.2006 12:59

Converse Murdoch

I kid you not. CNN ran a section titled " Where is Bin Laden ? " last night. They blathered on about how impossible it was to track him through the internet. It wasn't real convincing. If they didn't read your message the timing on this is a hell of a coincidence.