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Mass Citations At Rainbow Family Gathering in Colorado

bush is putting a lot of attention on rainbowgathering
Published on Thursday, June 29, 2006 by CommonDreams.org
Hippies Homeland Security Threat
Mass Citations At Rainbow Family Gathering in Colorado
A permit for a pilgrimage?
by Karen Kilroy and Alan Canfora

The Rainbow Family, an ad-hoc collective of free-spirited individuals, has made an annual spiritual pilgrimage since 1972 to various national forests. This year's Rainbow Family Gathering is outside of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and will be held from July 1-7. The National Forest Service has determined that a permit is required this year and is arresting people as they arrive. Hundreds of early arrivals have been arrested, ticketed, held in detention camps, tried in secret inside a cramped garage without proper representation, fined, and ordered to leave within 24 hours.

Over the past several days, a federal "National Incident Team" has been assembled to deny these individuals their constitutional right to assemble. The line between the power of the state and the federal government has been compromised, as Colorado State Patrol Troopers, county sheriffs, and local police have been brought into the National Incident Team.

Why is this the year in which a socially conscious group of people is being confronted? Why is the media being fed stories about fire potential, with no mention of the ongoing battle of the Bush Administration to try to shut down their right of free assembly?

In response to Hurricane Katrina, Rainbow Family members ran free food kitchens at which even FEMA personnel ate meals.

Don E. Wirtshafter, an attorney, wrote a plea for help. He suggests that the Bush Administration wants to make this a precedent to discourage groups from open assembly without a permit.

What will happen once the expected 20,000 participants start to arrive at the meeting ground? Many of them will not know what is going to await them because they are generally not a cell-phone/e-mail culture. Many have spent the last weeks hitchhiking to the site or nursing along a car that breaks down every few miles, held together by duct tape. This is their spiritual gathering. They use any peaceful means to get there.

Will they just "go away"? According to a website that allows the Rainbow Family to share messages, it doesn't look like it."*Ignore all rumors of cancellation or organization! Live Lightly with the Land and People*" is the prominent message posted on the site.

There has already been an incident (ABC News, Denver, Colorado) in which about 200 people encircled a police checkpoint, armed with sticks and rocks. The Forest Service drew their weapons, but retreated.

The gathering is being held in a meadow with only one road out. The media has been given word that the reason they cannot assemble is because of potential for fire. This is another distortion of facts. For years now, the Rainbow tribe has waged an ongoing legal battle to defend constitutional freedoms.

Attorney Wirtshafter requests that you call your congressperson now and alert them to this situation. Ask them to get the Administration to stop violating the constitutional rights of the Rainbow Gathering participants.

The U.S. Government should make serious efforts to avoid, not provoke, another Waco or Kent State incident in our National Forests. In recent years, the conservative movement has openly declared a culture war against all remnants of the powerful 1960's movement for peace and freedom. Progressive activists should take action now and speak out against this looming dangerous battle in the modern culture war.

Karen Kilroy is a web developer and videographer specializing in progressive political causes. Alan Canfora is Director of the Kent May 4 Center in Kent, Ohio, and was wounded at Kent State University on May 4, 1970. For more information on the Rainbow Family, see their unofficial website:  http://www.welcomehome.org/


hearsay 29.Jun.2006 10:50


This is all unproven hearsay so far. Any TROLL could post articles like this to discourage attendees from coming. Where is your coroboration? Mixing 'Waco' and 'Kent State' in the posting seems designed for maximum paranoia. So do the words 'detention camps'. This is a highly suspicious post. No proof whatsoever. And the Rainbow website provided is NOT updated. It will always proclaim to "ignore all rumors". And what's this about Rainbowers not having cell phones? Spare me. We're not ALL barefoot panhandlers you know. Geeeezzz.

Rumour Control 29.Jun.2006 19:40


Well, in response to this re-post, I feel the need to do some rumour control here. This is actually NOT the first year that Rainbow has been targetted by FS law enforcement efforts to shut down the Gatherings... it has been happening since Day One (1972, in Granby Colorado, roads were blocked and 5,000 folks put on their packs and walked in 5 miles to the gathering site)... and it got worse during Bush I regime, in 1988 when the Texas Gathering was roadblocked completely, and supplies had to be brought in by boat. Since 1995, when the Forest disService anti-gathering regulations passed, it has been "illegal" to gather in the national forest in groups of over 75 without a special-use occupancy permit.

Most of us have resisted signing such a permit, on the grounds that it is our constitutional and goddess-given right to gather on public lands, for the purposes of free assembly, religion, and speech... we have consistently fought this regulation in the courts and have lost every time, with several of our Family serving up to 90 days in federal prison for their resistance.

There are many reasons we have resisted this rulemaking. One of them is that since 1984 we have consistently entered into agreements, called "Operating Plans" with the Forest Service Resource Managers (not LEO's/Incident Command officers) who are familiar with the unique needs of their national forests, and who can help us locate appropriate sites for our shitters, compost pits, and kitchens in a way that is suitable for the area, keeping hydrology and geology in mind... Before this rulemaking, they also helped us with site locations for regionals, as well as helping us get the appropriate vegetation seed for the area during cleanup. We typically arrange emergency medical transport as well as planning for how recycling and garbage disposal will happen, as well as contacting local tribes and local businesses to let them know what to expect, and to find out if there are special sites we need to protect/avoid. Businesses in the area around a Rainbow Gathering typically make between a quarter million and a million dollars in revenues from the presence of our temporary village. We are also often the only location for many miles where it rains for a couple weeks, even during drought spells... (How can you have a Rainbow without Rain?)

Another reason some of us have felt the need to resist this rulemaking, and indeed it was fought successfully for over 10 years before it finally passed in it's current form in 1995, is because of our deeply held belief in the concept of the Commons; Public land should be available to the Public to use.

This is what is so frightening, because if we can do it, then anybody can. And that's the biggest threat, as the public lands get increasingly co-opted by privatization by corporations like Hoodoo and others who are steadily charging more and more for the Public to enjoy Public lands...

So, to get into the nuts and bolts of the rest of this story, now that I've provided a little background, for context, since this Common Dreams article leaves the reader wondering why this "sudden" targetting is happening, and we are left with the impression that this is an action being taken by the government seemingly out of "nowhere"... I'll now try and fill you all in on what I believe to be true, although I am not at this moment on the ground at the Colorado Gathering, much to my sadness.

Yes, right now at the 2006 Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes, there is a "roadblock" of sorts; During the daylight hours around every 3 cars are stopped and told the Gathering in Colorado is illegal, and that those entering are subject to being ticketed for participating in an unpermitted gathering.... The actual offense is: "Use or occupancy of National Forest System land or facilities without special-use authorization when such authorization is required."

As is typical when the "Incident Command Team" is invoked by the presence of an "Incident" - which means there are over 1000 people at the site - the local law enforcement is called upon to help the FS Law Enforcement (Tree Pigs) out. This is nothing new, and is a typical situation when ICT (formerly FEMA) is brought into the picture, as it has been every year since I can remember - I've been going to Rainbow Gatherings since 1989, and my first National Gathering was in Colorado in 1992.

Many of us fit the description in this article, with broken down vehicles and are hitching to the Gathering, and some don't have cell phones... but I must say that the around one million dollars in revenue is coming from somewhere and if you do the math, for only around 10,000 people to be bringing that much money to the local towns, (and spending a lot more in preparation before we arrive) - many of us are also affluent, and most of us hold down regular jobs, have careers, mortgages, families, farms, and even (gasp) well-running vehicles!! We bring what we want to contribute - our skills, our workshops, our costumes, our literature, our food, our kitchens, our medical and herbal skills, our tipi lodges, our shovels, our tarps, rope, saws, water filtration for 10,000 people, barrels for the ovens, blankets for the sweat lodges, and most of all, our love. And our desire to create intentional community every year in a different National Forest. To pray for world peace and healing, to send our healing message to the universe.... that people CAN do this in the forest, that total strangers CAN work together and solve all the problems that come with this kind of an autonomous, leaderless Gathering... of 10,000 + people in the middle of the forest for a couple weeks... and clean it up without a trace except soil compaction...

This kind of co-operation has been severely limited in recent years, because anyone who tries to work with the FS gets labelled an "organizer" of an illegal gathering, and pressured to sign a permit or do jail time... various creative responses have been offered over the years, resulting in little change in this targetting process, and making it very difficult for necessary preparations to be made before the Family comes H.O.M.E.

To get back to what is going on; As of today, Thursday June 29th, we are told by our Sisters and Brothers on the land that Roadblocks start around 10am and stop around 6pm, and are gone by dark. Then the cars are generally waved on, although some are searched and some are ticketed. The cars then generally continue driving into the Gathering from the roadblock according to all the reports I've read... it was estimated by one source that there were between 2,000 and 3,500 people at the Gathering right now as of this morning, although the FS says around 4,000 have arrived.

No, there are not people being "rounded up", nor is there any "detention camp", as has been mentioned in a different disinformation post, although ticketing is still happening, both on the road and inside the Gathering. pretty much wherever the FS LEOs want to hand out tickets... for participating in an illegal Gathering. Tickets are generally $100.00, and have been handed out for the past 5 years or so at all the Gatherings that don't have permits, (like this one) and then after the permits are signed, (and even when they aren't) tickets continue to be given out for nudity, dogs off leash, digging shitters, setting up kitchens/waterpipe & filtration apparatus... etc.

As I said already, this repression is happening as a result of the power the FS Law Enforcement branch gained after the 1995 passage of the anti-gathering regulations. At around the same time, similar laws passed governing gatherings on BLM land, and gatherings in city parks were also severely restricted around that same time period, give or take a couple years. At least half a dozen Rainbows have now served time in federal prison, 3 months generally, for opposing these regulations, and Rainbows have lost in court time and time again on all sorts of different approaches to fight these anti-gathering regulations.

As of this morning's report, Rainbow gatherers report that roadblocks in Colorado currently go into place around 10am thru 6pm and that water filtration is going into place, and until that fully happens (generally by the 1st), bringing water is essential.

The timing of this post may be just a little off, because this time last week there WAS an actual blockade solidly in place until lots of Rainbows encircled the cops... and ... with love I assume, convinced these cops to back off, and abandon that blockade, allowing folks to re-enter the Gathering who had been blocked out for a time. Apparently the cops left after being encircled without citing anyone.

People went to court last Friday and got either reductions in their fine or set court dates for those pleading innocent, set for 2 dates in early July. The court dates on Friday didn't have anything to do with this encircling incident and they were not trials, just people pleading innocent or guilty and paying fines or getting court dates set, and the reason there were not public defenders assigned to the people in court, is because the prosecution is not seeking any jail time for those ticketed.

So I guess what I'm trying to get across is not that people's civil rights AREN'T being violated, or that people shouldn't call their congressmen to alert them to this breach of civil liberties.. but I just wanted to put this situation into a little broader context than the authors of this Common Dreams article have done, so that people can understand a little better what this is actually all about.

p.s. Regarding the exclusion of attorneys, or legal observers, and callout for help from one attorney who works with our Family, below is the first hand report that came out Monday June 26th, 3 days after Friday's court date, as it was reported on by a Rainbow legal observer who's been in our Family for well over 20 years, and who posted the following to our Rainbow list. This posting and one before it apparently generated some misunderstandings and some folks have been posting various interpretations of this post around at various websites, so I'm reposting this here in the hope that this will clarify where some of the more hysterical callouts may have been started. The plea for help was generated last week when there was a complete blockade. That is no longer the case, and as things change fast during the Gathering, it is best to find out what's really going on by going to the Gathering yourself. Now that Family is on the Land, Family will deal with all these situations on the Land as it has been doing for well over 3 decades.


Presiding was Magistrate West from Durango doing an admirable job of advising pro-se defendants of
constitutional rights; prosecuting was Wade Angelo (sp) from the U.S. Attorney's Office who did a good job of advising the pro se defendants in turn what the consequences of various pleas to the Forest Service charges might entail. Most of the charges for the Rainbow family members stemmed from being in the National Forest north of Steamboat in a gathering of more than 75 people without a special-use permit and they were being prosecuted under 36 CFR Ch. II s 261.10 (k): "Use or occupancy of National Forest System land or facilities without special-use authorization when such authorization is required."

We provided some minimal pro bono advice. Since the government had waived seeking any jail time, the
defendants apparently were not eligible for FPD. Most of the defendants plead "No Contest" to the charges and the government requested only a minimal fine of $100.00 (plus an administrative surcharge of $25.00 and victims' compensate charge of $10.00). If the Court felt during sentencing there were extenuating circumstances, it often lowered the base fine to $50.00. Several defendants requested continuances until the next Court date which is June 30 or July 7 to consult with legal counsel. While it was like any arraignment...reminiscent of a cattle being led to slaughter...one time a U.S. Marshall provided some friendly assistance on whether or not the charges would show up on an F.B.I. check and once a security screening guard helped a defendant with change for the court fines. One defendant plead not-guilty and a trial to the Court was to be held after the arraignments were finished. This is like Orwell with Heller's Catch 22 and Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant --

If you go to witness the proceedings or to provide pro bono advice, watch out for the National Forest Law Enforcement folks and ask, politely, to speak with a U.S. Marshall and do not let the Forest Service "pretend" like they are seeing if it would be alright for you to attend. Be amazed at the sheer mass of humanity being ushered through a legal system most cannot comprehend. But also you might be impressed that the Federal Court and particularly Magistrate West are doing a pretty good job under the circumstances. Some photos are here:

....If these trials are ongoing, I would request that someone in the area go there simply to observe - not as a defense attorney (don't flash a bar card, but get the names and agency of anyone denying you access) - and if you/they are denied access, you/they are prospective plaintiffs. It is better to go with several than simply as an individual, and better to get the interaction on tape if you have a recorder or video camera. Each of us has a right to attend public court hearings and would have standing to raise a claim in federal court if our right to attend is curtailed.

Order denying TRO 30.Jun.2006 06:04

starfire - reposting from Rainbow listserve

LOoks like there may be denial of due process and access by lawyers after all!
Order denying TRO Mayo et al. v. Krogsetl,et al. Civ.


Honorable Marcia S. Krieger
Civil Action No. 06cv01236MSKBNB

ADAM MAYO, on behalf of himself and all others similarly situated; and
WILLIAM RANDELL, III, on behalf of himself and all others similarly situated,


UNITED STATES FOREST OFFICER FNU FREUND, shield # 1662, in his official
SERVICE, in their official capacities;
SERVICE, in their official capacities; and

THIS MATTER comes before the Court pursuant to the Plaintiffs' Renewed
Motion for Temporary Restraining Order (# 7).

According to the unverified Complaint (# 1) of June 27, 2006, Plaintiff
Mayo is an attorney "seeking to represent various clients" awaiting trial in Routt
County, Colorado. Docket # 1 at 3, 7. Plaintiff Rendall is a defendant in an unidentified
criminal proceeding, but who, the Court infers, is awaiting trial in Routt County. Id. at 4, 9. The
Complaint alleges that personnel of the United States Forest Service and United States Marshal "are
denying members of the public access to the trials being conducted" in Routt County. Id. at 3, 5.
Plaintiff Mayo "has been refused entry into the proceedings and is unable to advise his clients
precisely what is occurring inside" and Plaintiff Rendell "wishes to have a public trial" and
"wishes to

attend and observe theproceedings of others." Id. at 34, 8, 9. The Complaint asserts
of the Plaintiffs' First
and Sixth Amendment rights under the United States Constitution, and
declaratory and
injunctive relief. Id. at 46.

On June 29, 2006, the Plaintiffs filed the instant Renewed Motion for
Temporary Restraining Order (# 7), requesting that the Court "declare the actions
of the Defendants unconstitutional and award Plaintiff (sic) the relief sought in his
Complaint." The motion advises that the Plaintiffs' counsel spoke to the Defendants' counsel
on June 29, 2006 to give her notice of the lawsuit, and that Plaintiffs' counsel is providing the
Defendants' counsel a copy of the motion for a temporary restraining order by email.

The Plaintiffs' motion is supported by the affidavit of Plaintiff Mayo which alleges, in pertinent part: (i) that Plaintiff Mayo was present at the courthouse in Routt County on June 23, 2006; (ii) that his legal services were retained by some individuals; (iii) that several unnamed Forest Service officers denied him the opportunity to enter the courthouse and instructed him to wait until his clients' names were called; (iv) that he waited approximately 4 hours, then left to attend to other matters; and (v) that as a result, he was unable to file motions in his clients' cases or speak to the prosecutor on behalf of his clients.

Fed. R. Civ. P. 65(b)(1) provides that a temporary restraining order may be granted "only if it clearly appears from specific facts shown by affidavit or by the verified complaint that immediate and irreparable injury, loss, or damage will result to the applicant before the adverse party . . . can be heard in opposition." In addition, an applicant
seeking a temporary restraining order must "certif[y . . .] the efforts, if any, which have been made
to give the notice and the reasons supporting the claim that notice should not be required."1 Fed.
R. Civ. P. 65(b)(2).

To constitute irreparable harm, an injury must be certain, great, actual,
and not theoretical.

Schrier v. University of Colorado, 427 F.3d 1253, 1267 (10th Cir. 2005). To
establish that irreparable harm is immediate, one must show that the injury complained
of is of such imminence that there is a clear and present need for equitable relief to prevent
it. Id. The purpose of injunctive relief is not to remedy past violations, but to protect
plaintiffs from irreparable injury that will surely result without their issuance. Id.

The affidavit supporting the Plaintiffs' motion does not demonstrate
that any injury to Plaintiff Mayo is imminent. The affidavit establishes that, on a single
occasion, Plaintiff Mayo was denied access to the courthouse. It does not allege that Plaintiff Mayo
returned to seek access, intends to return, or in such circumstance is likely to again be denied
access. At most, Plaintiff Mayo's affidavit evidences a past constitutional violation, for which
injunctive relief is not appropriate. No affidavit has been submitted by Plaintiff Randell. As a
result, the Plaintiffs have failed to adequately establish that injunctive relief is necessary to
prevent an imminent, irreparable harm. Moreover, the Plaintiffs have not alleged sufficient facts to
show that notice to the Defendants and an opportunity to be heard should not be required before
injunctive relief issues.

Because Plaintiff Mayo's affidavit does not allege that he intends to return to the courthouse and
there is no affidavit by Plaintiff Randell, the Court cannot conclude that either will suffer any
future injury before a hearing can be held.

Accordingly, the Plaintiffs' Motion for Temporary Restraining Order (# 7) is


Although their motion does no specifically request it, the Court will deem the motion to also
request a preliminary injunction. The Court will hear evidence in support of the Plaintiffs' request
for a preliminary injunction hearing at 9:30 a.m. on Friday, June 30, 2006.

Immediately upon receipt of this Order, the Plaintiffs shall advise counsel for the
Defendants of its contents and serve a copy of this Order upon them. Because the relief sought by the
Plaintiffs is admittedly identical to the relief sought in the Complaint, the parties are
advised that pursuant to Fed. R. Civ. P. 65(a)(2), trial on the merits of the Complaint will be consolidated with the preliminary injunction hearing.

Dated this 29th day of June, 2006


Marcia S. Krieger
United States District Judge

The Rainbow Scare 30.Jun.2006 11:14

kirsten anderberg kirstena@resist.ca

For the 30 years I have been aware of and attending Rainbow gatherings, there has always been a bit of an element of "we might get arrested." I remember the Idaho Gathering back in geez, what was that? Maybe 1982? The cops came on horses and tried to make us leave. Same thing in Usk in Wa. in was that 1979? Everytime I have been to a gathering, the police make a presence in the beginning and try to take some kind of control, but it all breaks down because too many people show up for them to arrest or even process in these small towns the gatherings take place outside of...also, merchants fight FOR the hippies as this is a CASH COW to these small towns near the gatherings...

BUT we are in this weird era where cops have all this extra money and power due to Homeland Security, so who knows how they can up the Rainbow Family into "terrorists" now too...

Let me make it clear that Rainbow Hippies are the least of our national problems. To waste even one cent of public money trying to stop Rainbow Gatherings on Forest Land is stupid. And Rainbow Folks are actually known for being pretty conscious of the land and cleaning up after themselves...it is not as bad as people try to make these gatherings sound. I always felt that the Rainbow Gathering was just like the Oregon Country Fair, but with less elitism. I considered going to the Rainbow Gathering this year, as a matter of fact. Don't knock these gatherings until you have been to them, at least. I learned a hell of a lot at Rainbow Gatherings. I took my first women-only sweat lodge at a Rainbow Gathering. I participated in my first barter-only (no cash allowed) circle there...I learned about recycling at a Rainbow Gathering. I learned useful knot tying, and even saw a very educational skit by hippie dentists about the importance of flossing and began to floss more! I have learned a ton of DIY skills from Rainbow Gatherings and Rainbow Family...These gatherings are a wealth of skill sharing. And they are very anti-commercialism on the whole, which is a nice vacation from normal society.

More on "Rainbow Tribunals" 02.Jul.2006 10:20

published over a week ago


Peace, love and probation
Rainbow campers facing rural justice
By Charlie Brennan, Rocky Mountain News
June 24, 2006

Routt County Sheriff John Warner spent much of Friday watching a federal court proceeding in a rural firehouse.

It was day one of a special session to process more than 200 members of the Rainbow Family cited for entering their chosen summer gathering area north of Steamboat Springs - for which the loose-knit coalition of traveling free spirits still has no permit.

"It's slow," Warner said. "A lot of these people are wanting a trial to the judge. At 10:30 this morning, we were six-for-six" in convictions. The unusual serving of justice was being doled out at Routt County Fire Station 2 in Clark, near Steamboat Lake. Although the campers' citations were punishable by up to six months in jail and/or a fine of $5,000, Warner said the most typical sentence for the tie-dyed campers Friday was probation, with the added condition that they must leave the forest.

The 35th annual weeklong summer gathering of the Rainbow Family of Living Light, slated for the Hahns Peak/Bears Ears Ranger District in Routt National Forest, doesn't officially begin for another week.
But at least 2,000 of the nomads have poured into the Big Red Park area. It has been estimated that more than 20,000 might be on hand a week from now.

Thursday, the Forest Service denied one Rainbow's application for the needed permit - based on fire safety concerns and a conflict with activities already permitted in the area.

Rainbows customarily go by whimsical names they have chosen for themselves, but Warner said U.S. Magistrate Judge David West, who had traveled over from his usual base in Gunnison, was having none of it.

"He is addressing them by their God-given names, and the tickets are written out that way, too," Warner said. About 80 Rainbows were on Friday's docket, and Warner said the ad-hoc court sessions were to continue today. Meanwhile, Warner confirmed that he has asked for assistance from police agencies across the state - but he declined to provide many details.

"I'm not even going to tell you how many," he said. "I'm not going to expose our plan to them."
But Colorado State Patrol Master Trooper Ron Watkins said that 12 troopers are being deployed and should arrive in Routt County by Thursday.

Warner said he knew of no plan to evict campers. For now, he said he expects that Forest Service officials will simply continue to write citations.

July 1 update 02.Jul.2006 10:35

same original legal observer

The important things here are:

The court is open - even though yesterday when I went
there the FS leos were still denying entrance to
un-ticketed folks, naturally that has changed-
Officially WE were mis-informed--

The tickets which are becomming far less are now 35-38
dollars and collateral forfiture.

The most interesting thing is that the local judge did
not sign the court closure order.

The FS Incedent Creation team brought last years order
and told the maj. that this is what we did before and
we can just do it now.

They went with the West Virginia Court Order which is
obviously problematic. They will, I'm sire< staighten
their problem out.

Things are much better and getting even better - the
site is beautifull blah, blah, blah-

Don't let the dumb-shit get you down and come home-

ridiculous waste of money 03.Jul.2006 14:59


This is a ridiculous mockery of justice and waste of money that could be feeding kids or building low income housing. Shame on this stupid criminalization of campers, happening around this year's Rainbow Gathering, keep us posted, this sucks...stay strong...


PAMELA SCHUFFERT-www.AmericanHolocaust.net mytwaryor4jc@hotmail.com


What a gathering! Hippies of ALL AGES gathered there for up to two weeks in the National Forest region outside STEAMBOAT SPRINGS!

They were PEACEFUL and NONVIOLENT. BUT...FEMA and HOMELAND SECURITY were there in abundance. EVEN brazenly eating out of Rainbow people kitchens!

People were arrested and tried without representation. I saw the makeshift court they used, the police/fire department outside this area. Dozens of police vehicles blocked the entrance as searches were made of "suspect" cars.

I gave food, tent, water and much more to these precious people.
SHOCKED TO KNOW that homeland security considered them a THREAT!-Pam Schuffert

I was There 23.Jul.2006 10:55

Helping hand terrapin_station84@yahoo.com

I was lucky eniough not to get a ticket. But i had to stay out in the Little bare medo, just outside the "BOUNDRIES".(as Put Jason parker day Supervisor for the FS). he came up to talk to us while in our Holding camp up above the medo.
He never mentioned anything about Sticks and rocks When the family tryed to Circle the "Check point" But he did make it clear on how STUPID it was to circle The rangers... In which i agree. we staied out there for 2 days befor we got in on friday the 23, first day of court.

That aside words cant describe the hapinings that go on inside the gathering. it is by far the 1 thing i look forward to each year.

What Rocks?... What sticks? 04.Feb.2007 20:25

Lies, I tell you ieatsmurfs@gmail.com

My name is Mary Beary,
I was at the blockade in 2006. It was amazing. The L.E.O.s had got out of their suvs, and were walking around with their guns drawn. We called 'circle' and Family marched down from Home and we formed a olm circle around them. There were no sticks or rock being held or thrown. We just circled them with Love, my mother was there holding my hand. The L.E.O.s were aiming guns at peoples heads, even a pregnant momma.Sad but true. Anyway they left and we went home. The point of the story is that we weren't even being violent. I can't stand when rainbows get bad press.