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0629 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for Thursday, June 29th, 2006.
1. The House approved a $2 million dollars for salmon fishermen suffering from a sharply curtailed fishing season. ($2 million, eh? For all the fishermen? For the whole season? Put another way, The Iraq War costs $177 million dollars a day, every day. That's $7.4 million an hour. So the fishermen in Oregon and California are getting less that half what the war costs per hour... ???)
2. The Oregon League of Conservation Voters has endorsed Ted Kulongoski.
3. Silver Creek Logging bought Mike's Gulch and are all set to cut it. The judge who handed down the ruling permitting this, at the same time, is considering a motion to stop logging until two other lawsuits challenging Bush's Roadless area logging rule have been heard.
4. The Supreme Court has ruled that a foreign suspect whose government was not notified of the arrests cannot keep statements made to the police from being considered during the trial.
5. The Oregon AARP pushed hard get an initiative to expand a state prescription drug discount to all Oregonians on the November ballot. Too bad they didn't push hard enough to get the better, broader which would amend the state constitution to make affordable health care a right,
6. Once again, the House has turned down an amendment that would have blocked the Justice Department from prosecuting people who smoke medical marijuana for medical purposes in states with laws that permit it. (See what happens when 'good men and women do nothing'?... )
7. And so the Supreme Court ends its term and heads off on summer vacation; with rulings on the insanity defense and trials for the Gitmo prisoners (Sort of a 'twofer', no?)
8. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, Arlen Spector, is "seriously considering" filing legislation to give Congress legal standing to sue Bush over his use of signing statements to reserve the right to bypass laws.
9. Don't Let The Revolving Door Hit You On The Way Out: The Senate voted to confirm Henry Paulson as Treasury Secretary. Paulson is the Chairman of Goldman Sachs and is currently making $35 million a year ( Or 17 times as much as all the out of work West Coast fisherman get for a whole season). Paulson is the Administration's third Treasury Secretary. Where are the others? Paul O'Neill left The Dark Side and Snow? He's back at Goldman Sachs... .)
10. The East coast is having a mini-Katrina - but less water and more aid.
11. Environmental Defense has released a report showing the US emits half the car-caused greenhouse gases globally. Most egregious offenders? GM, Ford and Daimler/Chrysler.
12. Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, James Sensenbrenner, broke House rules to adjourn a meeting after losing a vote to Democrats... .but wait, give the man a chance to explain himself... The vote was on an item from the Republican's "American Values Agenda", essentially it bars any court from hearing any legal challenges to The Pledge of Allegiance...
13. Berkeley has got an impeachment measure on the November ballot.
14. Got Brains?: The ACLU has filed a F-O-I-A request with the primary American security agencies for information relating to the use of "cutting-edge brain-scanning technologies" on suspected terrorists.
15. The Supreme Court upheld most of the Texas congressional map, the operatic feat of gerrymandering that is the jewel in Tom DeLay's crown. Let the redistricting begin!
16. As Palestinians in Gaza - with access roads blocked, electricity off, terrorized day and night by Israeli jets harrowing the air above their half-ruined roofs - wait in the vast indifference of the rest of the world, the Bush Administration has reaffirmed its support of Israel...
17. When not busy raining down terror on innocent people, Israelis have been rounding up Hamas cabinet ministers and other members of the Palestinian government and throwing them in jail.
18. And when that gets old, Israel has been buzzing the residence of Syrian president, Bashar Assad. with warplanes. Israeli Justice Minister Haim Ramon also mentioned in passing that Hamas leaders are 'in Israel's sights for assassination. (Boy, civilization... it's a sight to see!)
19. The EU Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini admitted that European territory had been used for "extraordinary renditions". Frattini is pressuring more than a dozen European governments to own up to their secret service's role in the assorted kidnappings and torture.
20. A British Army Special Investigations officer was found in his barracks room hanging by his bootlace. He had been investigating allegations of abusive treatment of Iraqi detainees by British soldiers and it must have got to him. Some people commit suicide, others -like the American soldier - write pop songs about abuse and put them out on the Internet... different cultures, y'know...
21. A mere 18 months after the tsunami wiped out large portions of Indonesia and Malaysia, the Indian Ocean has a warning system up and running. (Although it still seems to me that someone could have picked up a cell phone and made at call... .)
22. The Doha G10 trade group is meeting in Geneva again this week to try once again to come up with a way to sell their evil bill of goods to Third World countries.
23. British Petroleum is accused of manipulating the price of propane ("and propane accessories")
24. Spain has officially announced the start of peace negotiations with the Basque separatist group ETA.
25. Mexico's three day pre-election hiatus has begun. The two front runners, populist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and Felipe 'Fox Lite' Calderon held rallies to kick off the three day break granted to voters in which to think things over.

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