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Is the NSA watching you?

The Newbie's Guide to Detecting the NSA
Check it out here -  http://blog.wired.com/27BStroke6/index.blog?entry_id=1510938

Does 2+2=4? 29.Jun.2006 01:35

Do you breathe oxygen?

As a matter of course the NSA is watching you.
And if not them, the NSA above them.

Portland being the liberal bastion that it almost is, every post on this website is being monitored, recorded, transcribed, authorized, classified and sent to some underground computer bank in Colorado (did I guess right guys?).

This _RIGHT HERE_ is our most powerful and viable tool.
As base and arrogant as this Goliath is, his shriveled, moldy-walnut brain must know that this little slingshot of ours called the internet can fling stones of piercing information at lightning speed - hitting him where he is most vulnerable - in the eyes and ears of the Masses.

As long as there is this free-flowing information clearinghouse where someone can take a picture of a black boot holding a head down in the streets of London and send it worldwide in a matter of minutes; as long as real news and critical analysis of current events can be instantly broadcast and disseminated by millions of sentient, peaceful people who just want this madness to stop so they can get on with the world; as long as people like me can so easily propose and extrapolate on ideas to people like you -- then their goal (fear, polarization, hate, disease, atrophy, global life extermination) is in danger.

It is only logical that Goliath would find a way to relieve David of this potentially devastating slingshot.
You can be sure that there are multiple plans in place for a strictly enforced, empirically edited, politically neutral internet. My guess is it will be in the name of "national security" or "protecting the homeland" and will probably be instigated by some horrible event they can point to and say it was conceived on the www. Sites like these will be the first to go. Sites like FoxNews will stay, as will such social pacifiers as porn and gambling sites.

So stop staring at this screen and Make Friends. Nurture Relationships. Build Trust. Create Networks that don't need the internet to mass communicate. And keep your slingshot arm strong.