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Rob los Ricos' last day in prison is today.
It's here! Rob's getting out in the morning.

It still doesn't seem real.

Saw Rob this afternoon. He was wasted with only one hour's sleep last night. Baby Sista Walidah and I will greet him bright and early tomorrow and see him down to Eugene. First, Rob wants to go into Salem for a smoothie ("I must have one, I MUST!! And coffee. REAL coffee!"). He also wants to go to Fred Meyer. I forget why.

We'll get his last gulag exit on video and hopefull get it out over imc with photos by the end of the day.

Rob smiled today...big ass shit eatin' smile, one of the few smiles of true joy that I've seen in the year plus that I've known him...

Woooooo Hooooo! My brother's GETTIN' OUT!!
Welcome Home! 28.Jun.2006 21:24

Welcome Home!

Welcome back Brother! Take it at your own pace. Dont feal rushed to jump into anything. Its the little things like not being told when to wake up, go to bed, and eat that will take some getting used to. Much love and respect. I owe you beer and its one debt I intend to pay!

Welcome Home... 29.Jun.2006 12:17


When did Indymedia Portland first go online? There's a lot of catching up for you to do, so take it slow....a lot of things have happened since June 1999 - including a legal victory over the Portland Police for doing the same Gestapo tactics they did in Eugene back then.