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Court Report: Four Remaining Defendants in Oregon Case

Today in court, Jonathan, Nathan, Joyanna and Daniel were arraigned on superceding indictment II. I will have to compare indictments to see what is different from the last superceding, aside from the removal of the other defendants from the indictment, as all are now taking plea agreements. All four of the remaining defendants were in the courtroom with their attorneys, Nathan and Joyanna in shackles and "jail greens".

US Atty Kirk Engdall gave an update about discovery. He said 27,000 pages have been released to defendants, as well as 71 CDs, 4 DVDs and 3 cassette tapes. He said that 1000 documents related to Romania Chevrolet and UW would be released within 30 days, as well as documents and materials related to the testimony of cooperating defendants and unindicted informants.

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