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Does Talking to Mexican People mean that you are looking for Drugs?

So racist
So, if you talk to a Mexican person then your automatically looking for drugs? That is so racist it makes me sick. On Saturday the 17th I went down to an Immigration activity, march at the Rose Quarter after being asked to on a post.

Immigration March sat 6/17/06 16.Jun.2006 14:03

unanamous link

Zaki, you ned to come to the Rose Quarter tomorrow, and tell your story, 9:a.m. sharp
see ya there,
call all your relatives to attend, this is not just an hispanic /latino thing.
There a Juneteenth Parade in portland around noon to, over on MLK.

I did not read this until around 10:00 am, but went anyways. I could not find it. I drove around for a while then started asking Mexican men if they knew where it was, but none did. I gave up and stopped before getting on the freeway to smoke a cigarette and speak to a friends girlfriend i ran into. I was jumped by cops who said I was looking for drugs. I have been 100% clean for 7 months, and am seeing a doctor every week about it. I am finally successful after years of torment.

They arrested me for attempted possession, then rummaged through my entire truck, it was no inventory but a reckless search where they found nothing. I was still arrested and taken into custody for 5 hours before I was let go, thats how I was released at the same time as that idiot who caused the problem that day at the fur store.

I was accused by one of the officers of leaving my family (my wife and I have been together for 18 years!, w have two little boys, 1 and 4) then coming down there to find drugs then going downtown to have sex with a boyfriend I find. I did not even know about the pride fest downtown.

When I got my truck back, I found the following;

I had shift envelopes from a corp. business which the cops opened up and took all the cash to enter as evidence, and left all the merchant receipts, two of them are missing, this created an accounting nightmare, for there was supposed to be more cash then what was said was taken. Now I cannot tell weather it was employee theft or the cops.

They threw my Orthodox study bible on the floor and totally disrespected it, it got soiled and dirty, Is this what they wold do to the Koran or Torah?

They through down an icon of Christ's accession onto the floor and scratched it and totally disrespected it and soiled.

I had a 24crt. gold chain with a cross which was sent to me from the Christian Valley in Syria which I have been saving for my oldest son (4 years old), and now its gone, I don't know if it is with the money they ripped out of the shift envelopes or wether one of themstole it.

I don't understand how the police could treat items which are so Holly and mean so much to me like that. Is it because I am Christian? If those items where of Muslim or Jewish items they would not have handled them like that.

I tried so hard to get my wife and I into the grand jury and was run around for days, we were refused that right! I know attorneys recommend that a defendant not speak at a grand jury, but we WANTED TO. and IT WAS HID FROM US, I already have been refused due process.

The only reason an arraignment was set was because I called and went down there so many times demanding my rights to the proceedings.

I got it set for July 5th at 8:30 in JC 3 which is in the justice center, I am going to demand that I be allowed to show the court the sacred items that were treated like shit, and the envelopes which are all dated and have the employees name, how they were torn open for the cash leaving only the merchant receipts. I am also going to talk about the accusation of me getting drugs then going downtown for sex with a boyfriend I find, I want this all to be recorded on court records. I am going to really give it to these guys.

Maybe some court witnesses might come down and help in reporting this and letting the community know what these guys are doing, the support would be nice too.

So, if you talk to a Hispanic you are labeled as someone looking for drugs? Sick racism.

you need legal help 28.Jun.2006 13:39


Contact the Constitutional Rights Center (I hope I go that name right) and see if they can refer you to someone who can help.

you are in a very vulnerable position, and I would NOT try to "give it to those guys" as you say.

Because of racism and current law enforcement's suspicion of "terrorists", you will probably need an expert to really put this straight.

I hope you sue their asses off 28.Jun.2006 14:21


Maybe it's possible to sue the individual officers, rather than the police force? The settlement should be paid from their personal accounts, not from taxpayer money. If everything you posted is true, you have a very strong case for harassment.

The Northwest Constitutional Rights Center
1020 SW Taylor St., Ste. 449
Portland, Oregon 97205


Racial profiling 28.Jun.2006 20:26

Madam Hatter

Sounds like the PPB is still guilty of racial profiling... surprise, surprise. And what in the hell is "attempted possession"? That's a bogus sounding charge if I ever heard one. Wonder if you could get that talking to some white kids in Lake Oswego?

Sorry this had to happen to you Zaki. As posters above said, call the Northwest Constitutional Rights Center. Their director, Alejandro Queral spoke at the rally for Fouad in Oregon City last February. Good luck and keep us posted.

Give it to them? 28.Jun.2006 23:06


The only way I can "really give it to them" is with my speech, and its a right we all have, I want answers to why officers did this to me.

Am I supposed to never talk to Hispanic people to be safe? And I want answers to why the shift envelopes which belong to a Corp. where opened and the cash taken out and leaving the merchant slips, also why was I told and laughed at that I was looking for drugs to go then and find a boyfriend while leaving my family at home, how inappropriate.

Why were items that are sacred to me and my religion treated like shit?

Where is the 24crt chain and cross taken, either into evidence or stolen?

It is almost impossible and dangerous to sue the police. I could be stopped where there were no witnesses and murdered (murders have happened because of money), then have a gun thrown by me (which I do not own) or any reason that a cop says the famous license to kill (I was afraid for my life).

It just makes me sick, Hispanic people are so neat to talk to, their culture is so cool, but It makes you a target for looking for drugs?

I intend to take thse items before the court.