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Stand for Lt Watada today, Hawthorne Bridge

4:30 to 6:00 PM Hawthorne Bridge Stand
Stand Up for Lt. Watada
Stand Up for Lt. Watada
Join with Veterans for Peace Chapter 72 and other groups to show local support for Lt. Watada. We will be on the south side of the Hawthorne Bridge facing east bound traffic. Bring signs thanking the Lieutenant for refusing to deploy to an illegal war.

Article from Seattle Times 27.Jun.2006 14:46


Doesn't "not necessary" equal immoral? 27.Jun.2006 14:53


"People in the U.S. military may not all believe the war was smart or necessary, but they don't believe it was immoral."

So says a Brookings Institute military expert. Hmm, seems to me that if it's unnecessary, it sure as HELL is immoral! 50,000 +++ unnecessary deaths? That's not immoral???? What is with these people anyway???