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0627 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for Tuesday, June 27th, 2006.
1. The Knob Timber sale looks like a go. The 9th Circuit Curt ruled in favor of the logging industry after years in court, one of the last remaining old-growth forests on public land will be auctioned off and cut.
2. The Supreme Court is not going to hear a dispute over how Oregon taxes trucks. The decision - or lack thereof - keeps in place Oregon's law allowing some haulers to pay flat fees instead of a tax based on vehicle weight.
3. A federal appeals court has agreed to hear new arguments in a case involving an illegally tapped phone call leaked to reporters by Democratic Representative Jim McDermott. The 2-1 opinion upheld a lower court ruling that McDermott violated the rights of the heinously corrupt GOP Representative John Boehner.
4. For those of you not physically in Oregon, it's bloody hot here and most of us are hiding in the basement with a case of cold beer - much like our estimable VP.
5. Over in Washington, opponents of a Measure 37 clone got a running start, picketing and placing full-page ads in local papers. Initiative 933, compensates landowners who feel entitled to a whole lot more than land.
6. Rush Limbaugh was detained at the airport in Miami yesterday because he ahd with him some unofficial Viagra. (Detain the man indeed for outright lies, misleading the public and distorting facts, but at least let him keep his pills. He's a Big Boy... if he gets messed up, that's his responsibility. For that matter leave everyone alone. Amateur cops, please have a look at the Bush/bin Laden clique... )
7. Fox News Shaman Roger Ailes is not happy with the network's ratings slump and he says he won't hesitate to "clean house" - remember this is Fox he's talking about. (Ailes has obviously banged his own thumb with a hammer and is looking around for someone to blame for the mishap... .)
8. Prominent Republican Peter King (Chairman of the House of Representatives' Homeland Security Committee - what else?) wants the Bush Administration to bring charges of treason against the New York Times. (Picture it: 'Petey Boy, gosh I'd love to, but y'know what comes around goes around... sumpin like that... ')
9. Former Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence And Research, Carl Ford told policy makers to take some responsibility ferchrissake; Ford told them, "Don't accept the crap we give you."
10. A constitutional amendment to ban flag burning is steaming toward the finish line with a Senate vote later this week. (Burn it? Somebody ought to wash the American flag after the besmirchment it's been through... )
11. The Voting Rights Act is still under siege. It warms the heart to think that some people believe we live in a country that still has elections.
12. Lock Up Your Virginias: Tom Delay testified yesterday that he lives and votes in Virginia (Scotland too, for all we know).
13. In response to a FOIA request, the Department of Defense has released documents that show wider surveillance of student organizations that "previously reported" (but not previously assumed... )
14. Bush is accusing US newspapers of hampering the "war on terror" by publishing details of the SWIFT program. Oh, now I understand; all the trouble we're having in Iraq and Afghanistan that would be because the American media is finally waking up...
15. The Supreme Court, as improbable as it might sound, is going to consider whether to force the government to regulate carbon dioxide emissions. (That or we could just trade them with Antarctica... )
16. Nevada is on fire.
17. The Supreme court upheld a State Death Penalty law yesterday in a 5-4 ruling - guess which five...
18. Republican lawmakers want to seize Santa Rosa Island off the coast of California, and make the place plus the animals available to disabled veterans.
19. Palestinians have snatched an Israeli soldier and the government of Mahmoud Abbas is desperately looking for the man. Apparently an Israeli settler is also missing. The militant group responsible says it will turn the guy over when Israel releases all the women and children in Israeli prisons. Yes that's right: Israel is currently holding nearly 10 thousand Palestinian men, women and children in vile conditions in its bottomless lock0ups. How many Israelis are currently languishing in Palestinian stir? Well the two, so far...
20. Israel has ruled out any prisoner release and has instead opted to array its considerable forces along the Gaza border.
21. US stooge, Nouri al-Maliki has come up with a plan but clear way to actually accomplish it. (It this doesn't tell you that once again the Iraqis are going to get screwed, but the news of this plan will play well come November... )
22. The US is going to deploy Patriot interceptor missiles on Okinawa.
23. Mexico's presidential election is coming up this Sunday and the nation is in the last stages of campaigning. In Mexico, there is a three-day cooling down period after the campaigning and before the election. So far, populist Andres Manuel, Lopez Obrador is ahead by a slight margin. (But not if Big Brother to the North has anything to do with it... )
24. In Brazil, Lula daSilva is going to run for a second term.
25. Afghanistan to Britain: "We beat you twice before, so don't make us... "
26. The East Timorese PM Mari Alkatiri resigned today.

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