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Support the Non-cooperating Defendants

Status hearing Wednesday also reindictment via superseding indictment.
Come support the non-cooperating Eugene defendants, Daniel, Jonathan, Joyanna and Nathan. Status hearing and reindictment. This hearing has major implications for these four defendants. A new court date is libale to be set. The cooperating defendants will likely be removed from the new indcitment. Eugene federal court house this Wednesday at 1:30 PM. COME DRESSED FOR COURT.

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questioning this statement 27.Jun.2006 11:12


where did this information come from that co-operators will be dropped from the superceding indictment? just wondering - something seems a bit off on this post from everything else that has taken place so far.

... 27.Jun.2006 13:43

Gumby Cascadia

At the last status hearing, the judge ruled that changes of plea must be made within 30 days (that was on May 30th). This is the reason that only Jonathan, Daniel, Nathan and Joyanna will be reindicted on the superceding.

Update? 28.Jun.2006 14:38


Any update as to what happened today?