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Will the perp in this case get the same sentence as Jeff Luers?

I doubt it.
Just like Jeff Luers is serving triple the sentence of Tom Calkins, the owner of the Burlingame Grocery who was convicted of arson for burning down his store for insurance money, I doubt that whoever is convicted of this arson will get the same sentence as Luers.

After all, if you burn down a business for insurance money and get caught....well, it's just a bad business decision. If you burn things because you don't like their effects on the environment, it's "terrorism".

Repost from the Oregonian:

Arson suspected in $2 million fire
Authorities suspect arson in a blaze over the weekend that caused $2 million damage to Design Craft Door Inc., a family-owned business that makes cabinets and employs 40 people.

Shortly before the fire, three trash bins in the area were ignited, including one on the cabinetmaker's property, said Lt. John Hopkins, a spokesman for Clackamas County Fire District No. 1. The property is at 7813 S.E. Luther Road, near the border of Clackamas and Multnomah counties.

About 60 firefighters from Clackamas County and Portland responded to the three-alarm fire. Anyone with information is asked to call the Oregon State Police Arson Hotline at 1-800-452-7888.

Hopkins said the fire spread quickly because of the amount of plywood, dust and lacquer paints in the building. The loss was high because the business housed some very expensive equipment, he said.

"Just one of their machines is worth $450,000," Hopkins said.
Sorry, but... 26.Jun.2006 14:15

Toe Tag

You know something the cops don't? There's nothing in the news items that says this was an arson-for-profit---just that they suspect arson.

How about those guys burning SUV's for the INSURANCE! 26.Jun.2006 14:56

WSQT Radio 87.9 in DC

A few weeks ago we ran the following piece:

In this edition of War of the Trees, WSQT covers a new arson scandal involving SUV's-insurnace frqaud fires driven by high gas prices.


 link to images.indymedia.org

It has been reported on an Earth First! bulletin board that that owners of SUV's have found themselves with vehicles whose value has declined to less than the amount of the loans.

Unable to afford to feed these beasts, owners have resorted to making the following arrangement with several dealers: The spare key and $300 are left in the glove box, and the dealer hires a professional arsonist to torch the vehicle for the insurance.

The proceeds of the insurance are then used to buy a more economical car. The dealer of course gets both the old SUV sale(paid off by insurance) AND the small car sale.

The cases are easily solved, as the owners are always far from the vehicles, unlike normal car fires. In addition, they cannot account for that spare key.

Of course, it is a safe bet that none of the people being prosecuted for insurance fraud in these arson cases(nor the professional arsonists) will ever face anything like the time that ELF activists and other Green Scare defendants are getting. Instead of the 23 years that Free got for torching 3 SUV's, maybe the pro arsonists will get 23 MONTHS for torching 30 SUV's!