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Oregon APOC political prisoner Rob los Ricos set for release June 29 2006, plans to continue writing and do Summer/Fall speaking tour.

Rob los Ricos Communiqué
By: Rob los Ricos

It's hard to believe that in three days I will walk out of the gates of this concrete razor wired medium security facility and step into freedom. I've been moved four times in as many weeks but it's not likely that I'll be moved again with so little of my sentence left.

To my supporters; I want to send you all a great big thank you for helping me make it through this long and strange trip. Your letters and visits over the past seven plus years have meant more than I can ever convey. Your light at the end of my tunnel has helped make it possible for me to continue to stay true to my ideals. You have also helped me sustain the vision of that I hold dear in regard to my post prison activism.

I have had the love and support of people across the country, continent and world. I have made friends and have held on to them. I've made friends and have lost them, at times unintentionally driving people away. I've built a few bridges but unfortunately have also burnt a few. I have known love and I have caused pain.


For now, the only thing that I have left to say is that it will be great to be out among y'all. It looks like there's a reading lined up for me on July 1st at the Laughing Horse Bookstore in Portland Oregon. It'll be interesting to see how I measure up to the image that some of you may have of me... In any case, I look forward to meeting all of you.

En Lucha,
Rob los Ricos

Rob los Ricos Update
By: Marlena Gangi


Rob will be released from state confinement on Thursday June 29th. He will give a reading/speaking presentation at Laughing Horse Bookstore located at 12 NE 10th St. in Portland, Oregon on the evening of Saturday July 1st from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. We are asking for an $8.00 donation. Free refreshments will be available and there will be a raffle. No one will be turned away for lack of donation.

Rob's schedule is quickly filling up. He is still in need of funding and for now this is his priority.

Please contact me for questions regarding media and press. If you would like to schedule a reading or speaking presentation for your collective, community or student organization, workshop, forum or conference keynote address, please e-mail me at:

 en_lucha@riseup.net. Use subject heading *los Ricos presentation. *

Mailing address is:

En Lucha
1724 NE Broadway Ste. 554
Portland Oregon 97212-4115

Press packets containing photos, bio, speaking fees, honorarium, etc., will be mailed out upon request.

All other personal mail for Rob ONLY should be sent to:

Rob los Ricos
PO Box 50634
Eugene OR 97405

For now donations should be made out to ROB THAXTON and sent to this Eugene PO Box. Rob will soon legally change his name to Rob los Ricos.

Because of Rob's ODOC classification as a member of a Security Threat Group, i.e., *anarchist, * it is not known what restrictions might be applied regarding just what it is that he will be "allowed" to publicly talk about in terms of his case and prison experience until Rob meets with his Parole Officer on the 29th. He does have prepared a presentation on the police state, creeping fascism and the erosion of civil liberties. It is possible that he will not be able to travel further than a day's drive from the Eugene/Portland area for at least the first year of his post prison supervision. If you reside out of state, I encourage you to contact me to coordinate future events.

Look for Rob's updated website at


Pa'lante siempre,
Marlena Gangi

Benefit for Rob los Ricos

WHAT: Reading and speaking presentation by Rob los Ricos, Oregon APOC political prisoner
WHEN: Saturday July 1 7-9 p.m.
WHERE: Laughing Horse Bookstore 12 NE 10th S. Portland Oregon

Info:  en_lucha@riseup.net

homepage: homepage: http://www.roblosricos.net

flyer 26.Jun.2006 21:51


Rob Los Ricos flyer
Rob Los Ricos flyer