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Stop the Nazis in Olympia Washington!

Neo Nazis are planning to hold a rally in olympia washington at the state capitol.
The Northwest Nationalis Socialist Movement is having chapters from Las Vegas to Arizona and California converge on the capitol building for three days of racial hate.
I've been wondering 26.Jun.2006 09:20


What does the socialist mean to this group?

fix that 26.Jun.2006 09:49


Play jazz music at them--a few hours of Coltrane, and their intelligence level will be raised; then they'l scratch their heads, and drop their banners, and go home.

Naw--(sigh) I guess the bastards have to be confronted....

Take cameras and flowers 26.Jun.2006 17:17


They want violence. It's the old nazi game plan from the 30's. Whomever is behind this convergence is not a friend of a peaceful america. Make your presence known but DO NOT engage in violence. Take flowers.

Read the extra "gray" discussion behind this one. See what they are up to, whomever they are. Your brothers, right, all men are brothers. and sisters too.

Re: I've been wondering 26.Jun.2006 23:59


Neo-nazi socialism is economically anti-capitalist but socially (and openly) fascist and racist. They are ostensibly Nation Front groups. So, in the case of the US, by "socialist" they mean overthrowing the capitalist bourgeoisie as a means of "re"-taking the nation and socializing its laws within their own white-supremacist agendas. From what I've seen, their socialism does not involve the nationalization of industry per se.

Learn from the fascist nazis themselves at www.redwatch.info

they just love hitler and hitler said he was a "socialist" 27.Jun.2006 16:00

there's no more to it than that

They're just imitating the German Nazis of the '20s and '30s who grew out of, or partially co-opted, the popular and widespread socialist and communist movements of that time in that place. They've never had anything to do with socialist movements in the U.S. The fascist vanguard in America 80 years ago was the American Legion.

There were obscure activists in the late 19th century who were both "nationalists" and "socialists," but they had no significant impact on the American socialist movement, which has always been internationalist, and their main legacy today is the ridiculous Pledge of Allegiance and its surrounding ritual, which they created and the German Nazis imitated.