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Thank You Lt. Watada!

A spirited group rallied on the 4th avenue bridge in Olympia to thank Lt. Watada --and all the other soldiers --who have refused to fight in this illegal war.
It was hot and sunny in Olympia but people gathered to show their support for Lt. Watada and the other soldiers who are refusing to fight in Iraq. Mr. and Mrs. Watada were there to support their son's courageous act. Other parents and family members are supporting their sons and daughters who also refusing to take part in this illegal war. Courage and patriotism take many forms, including acts of conscience. There comes a point when silence is no longer an acceptable option but their decision to refuse to fight in Iraq cannot have been easy. I hope that we find ways to support the sacrifices they, and their families, are making. Showing up at the Tuesday rally is the least we can do:

Details: June 27th from 4-6 p.m. at Fort Lewis. This is on exit 119 on I-5, about 15 miles north of Olympia.

See you there!
It Was a Great Day 28.Jun.2006 14:38


I'm so glad we went. It was a great day. Lt. Watada's parents were there. They told their story and thanked us. We got many positive reactions from cars on the freeway and an amazing number of truckers honked in support. I hope the officials at Ft. Lewis got the message.

This was an historic event to honor and support a brave officer. Lt. Watada is an example to all.
I expect he will spend time in jail for this, maybe two years. It is my hope that many people will do their part and send him gifts and letters. He and his family deserve our support.